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The Virgin's Seduction PDF Ö The Virgin's  Kindle - A good story about a Eve, who got a raw deal in life due to the selfishness of the woman who gave birth to her Eve meets her hero Jake when her mother comes out to the country to visit She believes Jake is her mother s lover and wants nothing to do with him Throughout the story I never got the feel that these two characters were really attracted to each other There was sooo much other stuff going on that their relationship felt like it was a by product rather than the main story Of course it all works out in the end, but it left me a little dissatisfied. Read in May 2010.The hero and heroine meet, the heroine dislikes the hero The heroines mother causes some drama The hero and heroine fall in love The end. Jake is driving Cassandra, a woman he is not sleeping with and has maybe dated a couple of times in the last six months, 300 miles to visit her mother in the country Jake likes the English countryside because he s a tourist, but he doesn t seem to like Cassandra a great deal, and what the whole not sleeping with her, I can t quite work out why he didn t turn the car around for London when she finally dropped the 300 miles on him It s a good thing he didn t, because at Cassandra s mum s house Jake meets Eve, the love of his life.For reasons that will serve the plot but make very little sense, it s somehow important that, while Eve is Cassandra s mother, this is kept secret from Jake It vaguely feels as though Eve is being treated badly, and needs someone to love her and rescue her from her wicked mother Cassandra isn t really wicked, she just wasn t that great at getting along with her family Yes, she gave up baby Eve to a couple next door who seemed quite nice but weren t , and never told her mother that she d had a baby until she had a medical scare and thought it might be a good idea to have Eve on hand if she needed a donor for something While Eve observes early on that Cassandra and her mother are alike in their selfishness and stubbornness, the book makes it clear that Cassandra is mostly the villain, and everyone mostly likes the grandmother Eve is attracted to Jake, and tortures herself about falling for her mother s boyfriend, and how she d never get a boyfriend like Jake when someone as beautiful as her mother is around She also has a hang up about her deceased father, who was Cuban This revealed as if it is some kind of stigma, and I don t understand why Racism, probably.Eve is prickly She teaches at the local school, looks after a nice old horse and her grandmother, but seems to do it all with this kind of cringing Cinderella ishness that I didn t understand No one was taking advantage of her, and she didn t need rescue I didn t think Eve was at all obliged to like her mother, because while objectively I don t think Cassandra did anything wrong, I think Eve had the right to hate her Sure, it would have been bad form to steal Jake for revenge, but Jake did most of the chasing, so Eve got to fall in love and only feel slightly dirty about it Jake s family are rich and he s rich and he lives in paradise Apart from wondering what had attracted him to Cassandra in the first place, and what bent him so out of shape about not being told that Eve is Cassandra s daughter which, how is it his business what s going on in their family anyway , he comes across as a fairly pleasant and relatively low key for a Harlequin Presents hero This was a fun read, but it didn t always make a lot of sense. Boring no idea why I bought this Eve Robertson lives a quiet life in a secluded village, and she wants to put her turbulent past behind her However, her newfound stability is threatened with the arrival of Jake RomeroJake is tall, dark anddangerous and he wants virginal Eve His touch leaves her aching for , but her secrets hold her back But how long can she resist Jake s intense, exotic brand of seduction This was so so.there really isn t much to be expected from books like these It is just like every other clich d romance novel storyline out there Abandoned girl, heartless mother, caring grandparent, intrigued and rich guy happily ever after for the poor girl and the rich guy I did enjoy the moments of Eve and Jake interacting on the farm, that was nice and a little heartwarming The actual romance part between Eve and Jake is so much lacking in sparks and passion, it feels like they are only together because the author decided they have to be Romance wise, this is totally a dud Forgettable story, plain characters and cold romance yep definitely pass on this book. 431 The Virgin s Seduction . 431 The Virgin s Seduction . Low on drama, surprisingly nothing happened it was slow moving story but the hero Jake was super sweet and very smitten with Eve 4 stars because I liked this one despite it being very different from rest of Mather work. DNF

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