10 thoughts on “Det osynliga barnet

  1. Jordan West Jordan West says:

    One of the most rewarding pieces of juvenile fiction I ve read in a while, possessing a surprising maturity that is distinctly nordic in tone combines poetry, understated whimsy, and dry wit with a note of gentle melancholy running through it all.

  2. Courtney Johnston Courtney Johnston says:

    What a bunch of strange, opaque, elliptical little stories This is my first entry into the Moomin world, Jansson s books having passed me by as a child I was dubious the pastelly coloured covers of the editions I keep weighing in my hands then returning to the shelves in Unity have put me off but this was lent to me by a close friend

  3. Mariel Mariel says:

    Somewhere under his hat the tune began to move, one part expectation, and two parts spring sadness, and for the rest just a colossal delight at being alone. The Spring Tune I took one of those which Moominvalley character are you personality quizzes It would be great to be one of them and live amongst all of the others Well, except fo

  4. Laura Laura says:

    I loved this book There were several little stories about small, even nameless creatures trying to find happiness and their own strength in the big world full of norms that try to restrict life by telling people how to behave or what to do Jansson half secretly encourages to rebel against the society and do as you please, as long as you

  5. Maija Maija says:

    A collection of Moomin short stories about quite dark deep topics, actually.For me, the shining star of this collection was The Secret of the Hattifatteners , where Moominpappa has a midlife crisis and leaves to travel with the hattifatteners He has seen them sailing by in silence, and thought them so free and mysterious, but are they real

  6. Sophie Crane Sophie Crane says:

    This was the first Moomin book by Tove Jansson to be a collection of short stories, instead of a novel Here then we have The Spring Tune, A Tale of Horror, The Fillyjonk who Believed in Disasters, The Last Dragon in the World, The Hemulen who Loved Silence, The Invisible Child, The Secret of the Hattifatteners, Cedric, and The Fir Tree.Altho

  7. Karl Orbell Karl Orbell says:

    Unlike the majority of the Moomins books, which, already quite short, tell a single story this is a compendium of very small tales indeed, mostly about people with very small tails.The stories all center around the theme of people not fitting in with society, usually they want to get away from others and be left in peace, or they want rid of t

  8. Booklepuff Booklepuff says:

    This short story collection is delightful I really enjoyed how each short story focused on a different type of creature and goes very in depth about their characters Although some of these creatures may have silly names, they have very real problems and tackle real issues which is nice to read.My particular favourites were The Fillyjonk who beli

  9. Helen Helen says:

    Actually, I don t think this is a children s book, at all It is too depressing Only The Fir Tree, about the Moomins coming out of hibernation for their first Christmas, should be read to kids

  10. Nicholas Whyte Nicholas Whyte says:

    are really superb little chunks of Moominland, not at all whimsical, but dark and thoughtful pieces that speak to adults trying to make sense of an imperfect world The funniest perhaps is the last one, The Fir Tree Granen , in which the Moomins, who normally hibernate, are woken up for Christmas and try to make sense of it But my favourite is The Se

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