A Taste of Cowboy: Ranch Recipes and Tales from the Trail

A Taste of Cowboy: Ranch Recipes and Tales from the Trail Irresistible recipes from pantry ingredients by an authentic cowboy and TV veteran Whether he s beating Bobby Flay at chicken fried steak on the Food Network, catering for a barbecue, bar mitzvah, or wedding, or cooking for cowboys in the middle of nowhere, Kent Rollins makes comfort food that satisfies This gifted cook, TV contestant, and storyteller takes us into his frontier world with simple food anyone can do A cowboy s day starts early and ends late Kent offers labor saving breakfasts like Egg Bowls with Smoked Cream Sauce For lunch or dinner, there sminute Green Pepper Frito Pie, hands off, four ingredient Sweet Heat Chopped Barbecue Sandwiches, or mild and smoky Roasted Bean Stuffed Poblano Peppers He even parts with his prized recipe for Bread Pudding with Whisky Cream Sauce The secret to its lightness Hamburger buns Kent gets creative with ingredients on everyone s shelves, using lime soda to caramelize Sparkling Taters and balsamic vinegar to coax the sweetness out of Strawberry Pie With stunning photos of the American West and Kent s lively tales and poetry, A Taste of Cowboy is a must have for everyone who loves good, honest food and wants a glimpse of a vanishing way of life

10 thoughts on “A Taste of Cowboy: Ranch Recipes and Tales from the Trail

  1. Dorie Dorie says:

    A Taste of Cowboyby Kent Rollins2015Houghton mifflin 5.0 5.0I just found this cookbook on , free this month with Prime..I really liked it, it has some wonderful looking dishes and the author, Kent Rollins seems like a really cool person He has been on Throwdown with Bobby Flay, Chopped Grillmasters and Chopped Redemption and also appeared on NBCs Food Fig

  2. Leslie Gasser Leslie Gasser says:

    Not just a recipe book Many tales of the Southwestern lifestyle on the trail Many words of wisdom to learn from.

  3. Sarah Sarah says:

    Great recipes that are easy to make and taste fabulous Also really enjoyed the tales from the trail.

  4. JM JM says:

    I ve been following Cowboy Kent s YouTube channel for a while, especially since I started cooking with cast iron skillets, so I when I found out he d published a cookbook, I thought I d enjoy it.I learned a bit about stuff I didn t know, such as what a Chuck Wagon is and the history of the term, as well as the customs surrounding it The anecdotes and informative bits

  5. Amy Amy says:

    There are a lot of amazing looking recipes here And not too complicated, that s a plus Most of them seem to have readily available ingredients These recipes are developed for the inside kitchen, not cooking outside There are also tips and tricks, home remedies, and stories from different ranches that he has worked on.This is not health food You wouldn t eat like this eve

  6. Kelly Kelly says:

    Entertaining with great recipesThe stories are great, with humor and old fashioned common sense The recipes are simple, good food with some surprising twists I can t wait to start proofing the recipes

  7. Kevin Vernon Kevin Vernon says:

    Interesting stories about chuckwagon cooking mixed with some outstanding recipes Those I have tried are excellent, and I can t wait to tryI borrowed a library copy, then had to buy my own.

  8. Beverly E Crradi Beverly E Crradi says:

    WELL WRITTENEnjoy the recipes Will be making many of them Loved the stories and life experiences You maked my day.

  9. Winder Library Winder Library says:

    Take that Ree Cowboys, tales, trails and a smoky cream sauce you will never stop making

  10. Carrie Browell Carrie Browell says:

    Got this Cookbook for my Husband for Christmas and he LOVES it He watches Kent Rollins on you tube religiously and have had many foods from the cookbook HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

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