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Always a Princess PDF/EPUB ☆ Always a  eBook Ó Eve Stanhope masquerades as a foreign princess at ton parties, stealing jewels from the nobility she despises and returning to her London slum at the end of the night She s carefully plotting revenge on her former employer a society cad who s ruined her reputation Now it s her turn to ruin him What she doesn t expect is to encounter the criminally handsome Orchid Thief on one of her heistsPhilip Rosemont, Viscount Wesley, is also in disguise Bored and stifled by society, he steals jewels for fun and leaves orchids as his calling cards He knows the woman he s cornered at the ball is no aristocrat, much less the Princess of Valdastock But something tells him she s not exactly common, either Now he must uncover her motives while he enjoys her illicit kisses Can these two become partners in crime even as they give in to their mutual seduction Previously published, newly revised by author, words

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  1. Alycia Alycia says:

    Eve Stanhope is wrongly accused of theft by her previous employer Cast out with no way else to survive, she quickly develops another persona one of a princess This way she is able to move in the most elite circles and really attempt at theft so she can survive Phillip, Viscount Wesley is a typical bored aristocrat He meets Eve masquerading as a princess and immediately sees her for the fraud that s

  2. Fani *loves angst* Fani *loves angst* says:

    1.5 starsThis would be a totally forgettable, if charming and sweet, romance, had it not been for its complete disregard to the ethics and customs of the era during which it s supposedly taking place I really cannot fathom why the author chose to make this a historical romance if she didn t intend to make any kind of research about the customs of the 19th century The heroine, at the beginning of the b

  3. Siany Siany says:

    Eve is masquerading as a princess in order to steal from the horrid rich people Upon meeting her Phillip knows she isn t who she says she is, and they make a deal and become partners in crime Falling in love in the process.In some ways I liked this and in other ways I didn t.The story concept started off quite promising and then it just fell off It didn t really materialise into anything They didn t real

  4. Kyanara Night Kyanara Night says:

    You can find my review by clicking on the link belowhttp You can find my review by clicking on the link belowhttp

  5. Book Utopia Book Utopia says:

    I had a splendid experience with a book I read by this author last year, and this second effort proved just as entertaining.The delight starts early and swiftly We open at a ball, where Philip, the Viscount Wesley, has spotted a woman who is clearly an imposter, pretending to be a princess from a small Eastern European country none of the simpering men surrounding her have even heard of Philip has, however, an

  6. Victoria Victoria says:

    This was a pretty nice book It started off really great, with the plot and characters catching my attention right from the start However, as it reached the end of the book, I felt that the plot wasn t that nice anyand it was rather repetitive, not least to say a little boring But let me start with the beginning first All the characters were likable people and I especially love the attraction between Philip and Ev

  7. Michelle Michelle says:

    Posted on Book Chelle.I was in the mood for a historical romance, so imagine my delight when I ran across Always a Princess by Alice Gaines I have never read Gaines work before, but I have read many similar stories from Carina Press and that was all it took to convince me to give this a try.Eve Stanhope masquerades herself as a princess, and is slowly climbing her way up the social circles She has been the belle of

  8. Samina ~ Escapism~ Samina ~ Escapism~ says:

    After reading this book in 24 hours I have to say I really enjoyed it The available blurb made it sound cheesy and common I would have to agree that yes the story was slightly common, nothing new in the saturated historical romance genre However I have to add that how the author handles the story is what makes the difference, turning it into a good experience for the readers.Phillip, Lord Wesley, is a bored aristocrat

  9. Jen Davis Jen Davis says:

    Eve is a jewel thief, though not a very good one She used to make an honest living as a governess, but she was wrongfully accused of stealing from the family and forced out of the home Now she figures she may as well be the thief she was branded So she dons the persona of a foreign princess to gain entry to upper class parties then slips away to find whatever baubles belong to the hostess.At the same time, Philip, Viscoun

  10. Lauren K Lauren K says:

    Eve Stanhope has plunged into a new occupation as a jewellery thief But when she collides with Lord Wesley A.K.A Phillip at the scene of her next crime she realises she has some competition He knows instantly that her princess persona and shonky accent is a sham but instead of turning her in, his intrigue leads him to partner with the princess to rob the riches of their jewels Eve and Phillip team up to steal some of the mos

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