10 thoughts on “...AND JUSTICE FOR ART

  1. Carlton Duff Carlton Duff says:

    Beautiful book visually and well worth the money, but lots of editorial issues with the text, and lackluster writing.Gotta commend the enthusiasm and love the author obviously has for the subject matter.Very cool to see the Sleep album cover covered as well as it was, finally putt

  2. Greg Greg says:

    The book probably doesn t really deserve 5 stars, but I m giving them because this is a truly impressive labor of love The reason I say this though is the writing style is a little strange to me, there are several editing errors that really stand out, but it s clear throughout that

  3. Oliver Holm Oliver Holm says:

    This is such an easy book everyone who loves these albums will enjoy reading about their cover artworks However, it has some critical, often also curious, flaws A book like this will obviously give preference to the gods and the greats of the genre Black Sabbath, Metallica, etc , bu

  4. Pedro Pascoe Pedro Pascoe says:

    A fascinating behind the scenes tour of some of the most iconic Heavy Metal album covers in history.The key to delving into this tome was to read the story of one album cover per day, accompanied by listening to the self same album It s a great way to further appreciate your understa

  5. Jimmy Uldbjerg Jimmy Uldbjerg says:

    Beautiful book, that covers a lot of the masterpieces within the realms of metal I do miss a few entries, but this book could easily have been three times as long The author made a good job in picking the right album covers The book is well written with only some minor gtammatical mis

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