Benedict Cumberbatch Reads Sherlock Holmes Rediscovered

Benedict Cumberbatch Reads Sherlock Holmes Rediscovered Benedict Cumberbatch reads these four new Sherlock Holmes stories by John Taylor'An Inscrutable Masquerade' 'The Conundrum of Coach ' 'The Trinity Vicarage Larceny' 'TheAssassin'Inspired by Arthur Conan Doyle’s original Sherlock Holmes stories, John Taylor has written four mysteries featuring the world’s greatest detective Read by acclaimed actor Benedict Cumberbatch, these new adventures share all the suspense of the original talesIn a drawer in his bureau, Dr Watson keeps a locked cedarwood chest – a ‘box of secrets’ It contains an archive of notes referring to some of Holmes’ cases that, for one reason or another, never saw the light of day Now, for the first time, Watson has decided to reveal the truth to the world In these four thrilling stories, Holmes experiments with the science of ballistics, locates some missing gold bullion, investigates the theft of a large amount of money and solves the baffling mystery of the Stovey murder These were great little stories that fit very well within the Sherlock world Of course they were wonderfully narrated by Benedict Cumberbatch My only complaint is that they felt way too short and sometimes very rushed to the conclusion. 2.5 StarsAfter my past encounters with some disappointing pieces of Sherlock Holmes pastiches, I started running away from them like I avoid calls of notorious telemarketers But as always, there are times when I let myself get stupidly wooed by irresistible offers, and this was one of them I mean, who can resist Benedict Cumberlord? Here was the offer: My generation's embodiment of Sherlock Holmes (sorry, Robert Downy.Jr) reading Sherlock Holmes stories! This must be what readers who grew up watching Basil Rathbone's version felt when literary world produced Sherlock Holmes audiobook read by him!Alas, my excitement was beaten down by the set of average Holmes pastiches written by John Taylor It's a shame actually, like getting a great cast together and messing up the script.Four stories are presented in this audiobook, and we find ourself among murderers, victims, robbers and of course, trains But none of the stories stand out or leave a mark on the reader, and that is indeed a tragedy There are no memorable characters, and there are no unbreakable riddles And without them, we are left with Benedict Cumberbatch's smooth voice and thankfully, that makes everything bearable. I am not going to pretend that I read err. listened to this audio book for any reason other than, well him sigh But, this book did surprise me as it was fairly decent Of course it was nothing like the original, yet the mysteries sometimes managed to draw my attention away from Cumberbatch’s voice Now that is an achievement because he is such a brilliant actor I am not that keen about audio books but with him as the narrator…*sigh* get the point Sherlock fans, check it out! Four Sherlock Holmes stories narrated by Benedict Cumberbatch? YES PLEASE!This little audiobook is perfect if you have to do little chores and don't want the time to be spent just with those boring tasks! Benedict Cumberbatch has an amazing narrating voice to listen to and I fairly enjoyed it (Plus, imagining him and Martin Freeman as Sherlock and Watson while listening is a big PLUS! ;P

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