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Burning Babies PDF/EPUB Ü  Ignore these searing, naked tales of a lost America at your own risk These are the brutal images of Her discarded children the marginalized lives they lead and the desperate adults they become They are a warning, a protest, a scream from the darkness by one of the country s boldest, most original young writers Youngstown, Ohio s Noah CiceroMichael Allen, Grumpy Old Bookman The subject matter is dark and might be depressing but for the author s sense of humour Which is dry, droll, and succeeded in making me laugh A lot than many books do Harvey Pekar, author of American Splendor and The Quitter This is a very good, homemade book about White Trash America It s full of angry, humorous and intelligent insights I read it in one sitting Reader of Depressing Books Here s why I liked your novel Burning Babies Because the voice Because of who you are, I guess If I like someone s voice, then I ll read anything they write, because I trust them Subject matter doesn t matter to me I like your voice because you do not explain things that are obvious About the Author Noah Cicero was born inin Youngstown, Ohio, where he still lives His first book, The Human War, was published inby Fugue State Press

10 thoughts on “Burning Babies

  1. Noah Cicero Noah Cicero says:

    Noah Cicero will cut your cut balls off and face fuck you

  2. Jereme Jereme says:

    I would like to read this book.Publish it.I will be forced to kick a small mexican child in the soft head every day until this book is published.not because I dislike mexicans or children or small mexican childrenbecause I live in Southern California and there is a healthy supply of mexican children where I live.Please save the children.

  3. Matt Matt says:

    Burning Babies is a Yankee Hotel Foxtrot in how it s been held back, but don t think it s got the same acceptability through pleasantries of niceness that Wilco has Burning Babies is harsh, but it s grittier than Noah s previous collection The Condemned The Condemned was a wonderful read, but there seemed to be this underlining desire for an acceptance within the

  4. James James says:

    i want to read this book as such, it has been shelved on the to read shelf hopefully, this will help noah get things published that would be nice wouldn t it i think so you should too think it come on think it.

  5. Adam S Adam S says:

    I also would like to read this book Publish Noah s blog is a source of constant entertainment and wonder too No, I overstated that, it s very good and funny, I m not marketing it It s good.

  6. Anna Anna says:

    please publish this book, i read some excerpts online and i really really want to own it and read it and carry it around with me

  7. Maurice Maurice says:

    please publish this book i need to hold it in my heads and drop it in my brain

  8. Adam Adam says:

    Someday this book will be released and I will have a copy Someone should publish this.

  9. Robert Beveridge Robert Beveridge says:

    Noah Cicero, Burning Babies A Head Publishing, 2003 I first heard about this book back in 2005 It first popped up on a blog I am quite fond of called Grumpy Old Bookman soon after, Tao Lin started championing Cicero s work in 2006, he called Burning Babies a beautifully written novel And thennothing The book didn t actually show up anywhere until 2008 Cicero, from his own blog, in Februa

  10. Jesús Jesús says:

    I was beaten brutally by my father several times, and I don t think I ever did anything that bad.His anger was at the world.At other people.At his employers.They had stolen his life.His time.His work.All stolen.I didn t know what his anger was derived from when I was twelve, but in my twenty forth year of human existence I m starting to learn I was confused a lot as a child My parents always

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