Campus Sexual Assault: College Women Respond Kindle

Campus Sexual Assault: College Women Respond Kindle Areport issued by the White House Council on Women and Girls included the alarming statistic that one in five female college students in the United States experiences some form of campus sexual assault Despite than fifty years of anti rape activism and over two decades of federal legislation regarding campus sexual violence, sexual assault on American college and university campuses remains prevalent, underreported, and poorly understood A principal reason for this lack of understanding is that the voices of women who have experienced campus sexual assault have been largely absent from academic discourse about the issueIn Campus Sexual Assault, Lauren J Germain focuses attention on the post sexual assault experiences of twenty six college women She reframes conversations about sexual violence and student agency on American college campuses by drawing insight directly from the stories of how survivors responded individually to attacks, as well as how and why peers, family members, and school, medical, and civil authorities were or were not engaged in addressing the crimesGermain weaves together women s narratives to show the women not as victims per se but as individuals with the power to overcome these traumatic experiences

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  1. Jenna Jenna says:

    As someone who is considering a dissertation based on the programming and effectiveness of sexual assault prevention and education efforts, this study was highly useful Though extremely limited in sample size, Germain and her team were very thorough and developed strong evidence against the perfect victim stereotype portrayed

  2. Dyan Dyan says:

    TL DR Campus Sexual Assault is a very coherent piece on assault and rape It is based on research and provides the reader with objective information as well as subjective insight and examples It doesn t only paint the current situation, but has clear suggestions on how to do better in the future.I got this book through Edelweiss in exch

  3. Saffyre Falkenberg Saffyre Falkenberg says:

    Very informative, and excellent use of oral history and testimony I wish there would have beenparticipants.

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