Celebrations Around the World: The Fabulous Celebrations

Celebrations Around the World: The Fabulous Celebrations It s time to celebrate From Christmas and Thanksgiving, to Diwali and Halloween, kids won t want to miss out on all the festivitiesEmbark on an exciting journey through the most interesting and important festivals, celebrations, and holidays enjoyed by people around the world Witness a camel marathon in a celebration of the Sahara Desert, and devour some delicious dumplings to celebrate Chinese New Year Discover why skeletons dance at the Day of the Dead in Mexico, and how the world s biggest tomato fight, La Tomatina in Spain, gets cleaned up Stunning original illustrations and fascinating facts will inspire and inform children about cultures and religions from the countries of the worldChildren will love poring over artist Katy Halford s beautiful illustrations, which showcase every celebration in absorbing detail Engaging factual writing introduce young readers to the most interesting aspects of each celebration, from the costumes worn to the food eaten, and encourage an understanding of other cultures and religions

8 thoughts on “Celebrations Around the World: The Fabulous Celebrations you Won't Want to Miss

  1. Mackenzie Carhart Mackenzie Carhart says:

    This charming children s book introduces young readers to several holidays and celebrations both secular and religious that take place around the world each and every year The illustrations are lovely, and I enjoyed learningabout these specials days that are honored by various cultures While I would have liked to seedates

  2. Indy Indy says:

    A fascinating picture book on some of the most spectacular celebrations and festivals enjoyed by people across the world You get to discover how and why people celebrate these special occasions, from dazzling dancing skeleton parades on the Day of the Dead in Mexico, to camel marathons in the Sahara Desert The stunning illustratio

  3. Christina Reid Christina Reid says:

    A colourful introduction to festivals around the world, which is the perfect starting point for anyone wanting to find outabout celebrations and would be great for classrooms.

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