Clementine Churchill: The Biography of a Marriage ePUB

Clementine Churchill: The Biography of a Marriage ePUB Clementine Churchill shy, passionate, and high strung shunned publicity but was in the limelight throughout her adult life As a young woman, her character, intelligence, and good looks won the attention of the impetuous Winston Churchill Their courtship was swift, but their marriage proved immensely strong, spanning many of the major events of the twentieth century Written with affection and candor by the Churchills daughter Mary Soames, this revised and updated biography of a lionhearted couple s life together is not only of historic interest but deeply moving

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  1. Sarah Beth Sarah Beth says:

    A comprehensive biography of a woman whose marriage thrust her into the spotlight throughout her life and into the history books forever Clementine Hozier was born in 1885, the second daughter born into a very stormy marriage It s unlikely that her mother s husband was actually her father and Clementine was largely raised by her mother amid ongoing custody disputes with the man she believed to be her father Tragically, her elder sister Kitty died as a teenager, just leaving Clementine and her A compr

  2. Relstuart Relstuart says:

    This book is the story of Clementine Churchill, wife of the legendary Winston Churchill written by their daughter If follows Clementine until she marries Churchill and then follows both of them as a dual biography and works in the the story of their children It is an insightful look into the lives the Churchill s Their legacy and impact on the 20th century was huge and understanding them and their times is worthwhile A couple random things that stood out to me, the suffragettes were surprisi This book is

  3. Jeannie Jeannie says:

    Eye opening

  4. Wilhelmina Hoftyzer Wilhelmina Hoftyzer says:

    Having read several biographies of Winston Churchill, this was an interesting read, albeit, this biography of Clementine was written in a loving manner by their youngest daughter, and therefore should be read with this point of view with respect to her view of her parents Although it has been claimed that the Churchills had a very strong and loving marriage, one wonders how much time they actually spent together in their many years of marriage, as either one or both of them often seemed to be a Having read several

  5. Tim Tim says:

    A fascinating perspective on Clementine Churchill the completely overshadowed wife of Winston, yet was a singular force of strength and comfort to this powerful, consuming public figure.The author Soames steadily treks through this woman s life, how Clementine s outlook on life developed during a stressful childhood, for example, and how she and her famous politician husband had points in common and interests that diverged.If one wants to read yet another book to understand Winston himself, th A fascinating perspective

  6. Kolumbina Kolumbina says:

    A comprehensive book on life, marriage and governing of Winston Churchill and his wife Clementine Churchill A very rich book, full of original letters between Winston and Clementine, a lot of political facts, history, family life, finances Clementine Churchill was a great companion to Winston C., great PM s wife should be an example to current PM s wives around the world , a very ambitious person who did a lot of very positive things for societies, for art, for women, countries damaged by t A comprehensive book on life, marr

  7. Elizabeth Elizabeth says:

    Found this to be a fascinating biography of Winston s wife Without her, he would not have been the great man history knows She saw in him his grievous flaws and found ways to save him from himself Much like the Franklin Roosevelts, most of their children were sacrificed to the demands of history Clementine, an unloved child who never really knew who her father, did not make a great mother, but she was a true partner to Winston indirect and intimate ways than have been revealed in earli Found this to be a fascinating biography of

  8. Natalie Print Natalie Print says:

    A lovely, insightful portrayal of Winston and Clementine Churchill s lives and marriage.

  9. Pam Venne Pam Venne says:

    WOW Of all the biographies I have read, this one grabbed me and held my attention Purnell, the author, did excellent research and wove it into a compelling story of the little known woman behind the infamous Winston Churchill The book follows the history of both families and how Clementine and Winston were introduced through both wars and their deaths I found fascinating details about both of them The most striking characteristic was the resolve that Clementine had to do whatever it took to WOW Of all the biographies I have read, this one

  10. Alayne Alayne says:

    A fascinating and long biography of Clementine Churchill, wife of Winston Churchill by her youngest daughter, Mary Soames The life she lived with Winston for 57 years was quite incredible, and their love for each other for that same length of time was strong and tender She was 91 when she died, 11 years after her husband I had a vague knowledge of the life of Winston Churchill, but knew nothing of Clemmie I found this a really good autobiography, and was constantly referring to the family A fascinating and long biography of Clementine Churchill

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