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Dreaming in Technicolor Epub Ö Dreaming in  Kindle - Everyone s favorite film geek Phoebe Grant heads off to Merrie Old England and changes her cinematic dreams from black and white to living colorPhoebe s family has money troubles Her spiritual life is dragging She misses her long distance best friend, Lindsey, terribly But all that s bearable because of Alex, the gorgeous man who shares her love of movies and actually likes women with a little meat on their bones At last someone to kiss on New Year s Eve But by New Year s Eve, Alex is in London, called home by a family emergency Newly engaged Lindsey has turned into a long distance Bridezilla, and the snooze button still sabotages Phoebe s morning quiet times She needs a break, which is why she jumps at the cheap off season fare to EnglandShe s not chasing Alex Really She just wants to broaden her horizons But what awaits Phoebe in the land of Mrs Miniver and Notting Hill is nothing short of disaster and nothing less than a miracle

10 thoughts on “Dreaming in Technicolor

  1. Vicki Vicki says:

    Could not finish this one I liked the first onebut this onewas a no go.I confess I read the end and was not interested in finding out how the st

  2. ElsaMakotoRenge ElsaMakotoRenge says:

    I ll be honest, this book was just boring me to death I couldn t finish it I didn t care about the characters and they were irritating me DNF abou

  3. Jo Jo says:

    Geared towards the young 20 30 single women but it was a great escape read

  4. Nora St Laurent Nora St Laurent says:

    I had just as much fun reading this book as I did book one I highly recommend this book for it s fun factor Love this author.Disclosure of Material Co

  5. Elizabeth Hernandez Elizabeth Hernandez says:

    I love Walker s take on 30 something Christian singles I was so enthralled in knowing how it turned out I booked it through the second half of the book,

  6. Bridget Bailey Bridget Bailey says:

    This was my first book by this author and i didn t enjoy it that much It has a very Christian theme throughout the book which is fine however, it gets ann

  7. Melissa Melissa says:

    Didn t think I was going to enjoy this as much as the first Dreaming in Black and White , but the ending clinched it for me and I had to give it 4 stars The

  8. Elizabeth Ray Elizabeth Ray says:

    Loved this one as much as the first It was really about her finding herself Love her sense of humor.

  9. Ruth Ruth says:

    set in England

  10. Darinda Darinda says:

    The second book in the Phoebe Grant series Christian fiction Cute and delightful.

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