Dreams Less Sweet MOBI å Dreams Less PDF/EPUB ²

Dreams Less Sweet MOBI å Dreams Less  PDF/EPUB ² Welcome to the land of your dreams, your perfect life, your perfect partner A world with no worries, no troubling thoughts and the freedom to create your own environment as you truly wish it That s what Dream Co had promised but living in the reality was so very differentKaleb should be living happily ever after in a world where everything you wish for can happen His wife is a cyborg version of his anima, programmed to meet his every whim, his negative thoughts can be drawn away from him at the end of each day and the world is a beautiful place But Kaleb is suffering from a deep depression and he doesn t know why He isn t the only one this dark depression is fast becoming the biggest national disease As an employee of the government s Department of Dreams, it is his job to work out whyWatching him from afar are a strange order of monks one of whom, Frater Ra, has been sent to investigate the encroaching darkness and how it conforms to an ancient prophecy which indicates the world will slip into total chaosBut the Dark is growing in strength and it has a believer in the form of a young woman called Evangeline who is prepared to mother its child and bring about the end of light and order Through her belief, it can gain a shape and substance and become a living powerful entityDo the answers Kaleb is seeking perhaps lie in the outlawed books of psychology and magick Can he fight the very authorities he is part of and risk destroying his mind in order to find a solution As the Dark gains shape and form, time is running out and Kaleb has the fate of humankind s sanity in his hands Well of course I liked it I wrote it

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