Fairie-ality: The Ellwand Collection eBook ð

Fairie-ality: The Ellwand Collection eBook ð Fairie ality is an unashamedly sumptuous coffee table book that takes a tongue in cheek look at what all well dressed little people will be wearing this season Based on the latest collection from top sprite couturier, the House of Ellwand, it offers a huge variety of outfits that the average fairy fashionista would sell her wings forPhotographer and designer David Ellwand s pictures evoke garments of ethereal delicacy and often downright eccentricity , interspersed with beautiful landscape shots of bluebell woods, mist shrouded waterfalls and the like Ellwand has taken his inspiration directly from nature, using real natural materials as diverse as flowers, leaves, shells and feathers Fashion illustrator David Downton provides delicate watercolour interpretations of the outfits Eugenie Bird s copy is a knowing send up of breathlessly earnest fashion magazine style A description of a dress for a Romantic Getaway Weekend reads as follows Wild geraniums and buttercups with narrow grass straps Somehow you knew this would be the weekend that he would pop The QuestionOutfits for every conceivable social occasion are covered if your social calendar includes such events , from a presentation to the Fairie Queen to an invitation to a fairy wedding The quality of the presentation is indisputable, printed on good quality paper with all sorts of inserts and pockets Particularly good fun is the Mix and Match section, where you can create your own combination of looks by overlaying different pagesAppealing though Fairie ality undoubtedly is, it s likely to make an ideal gift for the fashion victim New Age type in your life rather than the fairytale loving youngster Suitable for agesupwards Alison Drury

10 thoughts on “Fairie-ality: The Ellwand Collection

  1. Kathryn Kathryn says:

    A gorgeous and stylish book What fun to explore and savour The fairy fashions are exquisite, some seem quite contemporary and others very whimsical The materials are all natural feathers, flowers, seeds, pebbles, shells and styles range from ball gowns to swimsuits to daywear to wedding attire The spread on hats alone will bring hug

  2. Beth Beth says:

    The fashion magazine size and layout of this weighty volume is no mistake Fairie ality is an imaginative presentation of haute couture for fey folk Based on the premise that faeries have a season, like the tony upper class, and thus require costumes for spring balls and summer swim parties, Bird and Dowton present a photo essay of tiny

  3. Karen Karen says:

    I was most pleased with the book This is such a whimsical tribute to Faery art Ellwand has fashioned the most petite, realistic, gowns spun from delicate flower petals, tender new leaves that appear to have been dried in the summer sun The diminutive shoes are so imaginative, everything from high heels to boots fashioned from feathers off

  4. Soniaoniaa Soniaoniaa says:

    This is probably one of my most favourite books from my childhood My mother bought it for me when I went through a huge obsessive period of loving anything magical and fantastical and honestly to this day I still feel the same way There are some incredible designs in here that are seasonal and different occasions like weddings etc., with the

  5. Sarai Sarai says:

    This is a marvelous book of finery designed to be worn by faeries Materials include pressed flowers, feathers, seashells, and other natural objects Fashions have drawing concepts to go with the finished products The photography is fabulous The writing is witty.To give you an example of the feel of the book, here is a quote from a review onThe d

  6. Cindy Cindy says:

    Oh my goodness As soon as you open this book you know it s special There s a few pages in the beginning that are interactive I found myself catching my breath or whispering, Oh with each page I turned From the textured cardstock pages, thick vellum paper, the font, the illustrations, the photography, the writing you can t help, but notice every ca

  7. Nicole Nicole says:

    Do you build fairy gardens Do you have a fairy door in your house Do you watch the Tinkerbell movies and admire the artist s attention to detail If you said yes to any of the above, you will likely enjoy this beautiful fairy fashion book

  8. Kindra King Kindra King says:

    Absolutely gorgeous fairy fashions The imagination that went into creating these enchanting pieces is incredible

  9. Joumana Joumana says:

    This book is not about art, it is a piece of art I m don t usually go for fairies but I could not walk out without this book once it caught my attention It is a fashion catalogue from the House of Ellwand, top fairie couturierDesigned like a genuine high end catalogue with fashion illustration and fancy inserts, Fairie ality is rich in textures, whether fr

  10. Heather Heather says:

    A beautiful book of fairy couturier clothing for every occation All the outfits are made from items found in nature The dresses are so beautiful, I wish I could have one for real.Which one would you wear if you were a fairy The Fanciful Pheasant for fall The Fanciful Pheasant Pheasant feather skirt, beaech leaf bodice, and the unexpected Chinese lantern puff

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