For Her Eyes Only eBook ñ For Her MOBI :Ü

For Her Eyes Only eBook ñ For Her  MOBI :Ü Jake McCoy An immigration agent with an attitude He s known for always getting his man Only this time, he finds woman than he can handleMichelle Lambert A beautiful Frenchwoman She s determined to stay in the country and to convince gorgeous, uptight Jake that they d be very, very good togetherJake McCoy prided himself on being a loner So how had sexy illegal alien Michelle Lambert stolen her way into his heart and his bed so quickly She wouldn t go home without her child and Jake couldn t blame her Unfortunately, he couldn t keep his hands off her, either Torn between duty and desire, Jake never guessed he d soon be a fugitive himself and a married man

10 thoughts on “For Her Eyes Only

  1. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    Absolutely loved this story I love that Michelle brought Jake out of comfort zone I love that he risked it all for her and her daughter Short quick read and would absolutely read again and again.

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