Gesture of Balance: A Guide to Awareness, Self-Healing,

Gesture of Balance: A Guide to Awareness, Self-Healing, In clear, direct language, Gesture of Balance relates the profound insights of an ancient wisdom tradition to our present situation, showing us how to develop our inner resources and awaken body, mind, and senses to new horizons of experience Tarthang Tulku speaks to us like a good friend, offering ways to clear away confusion, strengthen self confidence, and brighten our lives with meaning and joy

10 thoughts on “Gesture of Balance: A Guide to Awareness, Self-Healing, & Meditation

  1. Fergus Fergus says:

    Have you ever let yourself be totally UNPLUGGED Do you remember those times when you ve just dropped EVERYTHING And let ALL the stress fall away Thirty years ago in a frantic office, this easy to read Tibetan author gave me a real and vivid sense of what it means to have real peace in one s life And I fondly remembered having had that feeling before Much farther back, when I was twenty three, after graduation I had worked in an ultra modern office It wasn t downtown, though, and it w

  2. Tami Tami says:

    Years ago, when I first started learning about meditation, I read every book I could get my hands on about the process I would read the text and become excited that I had found the right way to practice Immediately, I would follow the instructions as best I could Without fail, I would get frustrated when I couldn t sustain the right pose or hold my tongue in the proper way as I tried to breathe correctly Inevitably, throughout the whole exercise I worried that I couldn t stop my thought

  3. J. J. says:

    If you re noticing that I love most of the books I rate it s true If I don t like a book especially these days I just don t finish it I just can t frankly I can t stay interested and life is too short to read stuff you hate When I do that it s assigned reading sometimes I assign myself and I ll read it as a gateway to build enough knowledge to understand something else, research if you will I m doing that now with Jerusalem The Biography just keep running into stuff I m compelled If you re

  4. Meiroz Meiroz says:

    Recommended by my yoga master This is a book to read through life Although it is a self help book, the language is not patronizing, and most of it resonates with what I was already learning through yoga practice.

  5. Sumi Sumi says:

    When I m feeling anxious, low or lost, I turn to a passage in this book.

  6. Andrew Crosby Andrew Crosby says:

    Pure truthThe truth in these pages is evident But , there are often some surprising statements that call one to reassess our basis of knowledge and the ability and paths to growth.

  7. Gavin Whyte Gavin Whyte says:

    A superb hidden gem of a book Surprisingly practical and straight to the point No flowery language If it was published today and renamed, as I don t believe the title does it justice I believepeople would know of it Highly recommended, whether you re an experienced meditator or you re new to the practice.

  8. Martin Mühlpacher Martin Mühlpacher says:

    Nice summary of basic principles regarding awareness, openness and meditation.

  9. Sebastian Leonhardt Sebastian Leonhardt says:

    A beautifully written book full of surprising insights into the state of being.

  10. Musiknonstop Shirt Musiknonstop Shirt says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here great

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