Harmony and Dissonance PDF ✓ Harmony and PDF or

Harmony and Dissonance PDF ✓ Harmony and  PDF or Thirty year old Henry Rowland s contented bachelor life as a freelance musician changes forever when, out of the blue, he inherits a vast country estate which he decides to sell Against all his better instincts he falls in love with the estate agent, Felicity Bligh, who produces a wealthy Russian buyer for him A self seeking driven woman she embroils Henry in her unscrupulous world of property dealing and political intrigue in the Middle East Computer Hacking, Espionage, Corruption, Murder and Addictiondominate their lives, threatening to destroy them both They embark on a tortuous, danger filled journey seeking a happy resolution, which they appear to achieve a contented married future together beckonsBUT a small insistent shadow hovers in the hinterland of their desires, denying them that lasting peace they both dream ofWill things eventually resolve harmoniously

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