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Paperback  Õ Ha'ven's Song MOBI Ü Ha ven Ha darra is the Crown Prince for the Curizans, an advanced species known for their technology They may not have the power to shift like the Valdier or the Sarafin but they have hidden powers of their own that they guard Not even his best friends, Creon Reykill of the Valdier or Vox d Rojah of the Sarafin, are aware of the powers he holds within his deadly frameHa ven is happy to help out his Valdier friend when he calls There are only two things that satisfy the restlessness inside him a good fight and an even better evening with a hot, willing female He has no desire to settle down like his two friends have He enjoys having his freedom and the wide sample of females at his disposal All of that changes when he catches a glimpse of the delicate beauty who looks through him as if he doesn t even exist His blood calls to her, his magic aches to meld with hers, but she blocks his every advanceEmma Watson s life was perfect Her love for music and dance let her escape the overwhelming shyness that she suffered from all her life When she is invited to travel with a group to promote music and dance for children in South America, she believes it is the perfect chance to discover who she can really be Everything changes when she is kidnapped by a powerful drug lord Beaten and forced to watch the torture of other women, she withdrawals into the world she feels safest the one inside herselfWhen she is rescued by creatures not of this world, they heal her physical wounds but cannot touch the ones deep inside her She has given up on ever returning to her world and has little hope for the future That is why she does not understand why one aggravating male suddenly won t leave her alone She wants nothing to do with men They cause nothing but heartache and pain She had been on the receiving end of their fists to know that Why would she want one that could crush her with one hand No woman has ever turned Ha ven Ha darra down and he isn t about to accept his mate doing it He will show her that not all men are the same, even if he has to kidnap her and take her to his world to do it He plans to show her the power she has hidden deep inside her and open her heart to the love he has in hisNow, he just has a few extra problems to overcome Her Valdier protectors have given him six months to change her mind about wanting to return to them, a traitor is trying to kill them both, and they have crashed on a remote moon Can he unlock her magic in time to save their love or will the traitor, determined to kill them, destroy her before he can

10 thoughts on “Ha'ven's Song

  1. Rosebud Rosebud says:

    Emma Watson is a broken shell The Valdiers may have rescued her along with Sara and healed her physical injuries but the mental damage is severe and Emma fades away day by day Nothing they or her fellow Earth friends do or say can help reverse what s occurring and it s feared Emma isn t long for this world if something drastic isn t do

  2. Nidhi Bhatt Nidhi Bhatt says:

    Loved it.I wish Ha ven and Emma s mysterious powers were explained though It was all just left in air I liked Arrow s inquisitiveness a lot I wish we can get Adalard s book soon.

  3. Angarad Angarad says:

    Once again, really worth the wait I live Ha ven, how he went from wanting nothing to do with love and Earth women to the big alpha male pursuing and protecting his mate His magic and darkness were very interesting We finally got to knowabout the Curizan and their ability I would have like to readabout their planet and culture In the next

  4. Aubrey Aubrey says:

    A good continuation of the plot Thought Emma could have useddevelopment Enjoyed the sparks between them Looking forward to reading the twins stories and let us not forget the tempting thread that there may be a Monikers series too

  5. Christine Christine says:

    I had high hopes for Ha ven s Song I d read Choosing Riley and enjoyed it.Unfortunately, I was seriously underwhelmed Neither the story nor the characters ever really came alive for me Emma has survived terrible trauma, and has withdrawn into herself Ha ven similarly has withdrawn from his friends and family because he s loosing control of

  6. Alatea Alatea says:

    So to begin with it felt like I started somewhere in the middle of the series maybe I did Stories that have been told about previous adventures sounded a lotinteresting Actually, in the beginning this book had a huge potential, at least that s what I think now Then it became only bearable as nothing happened The love story made me furious a

  7. Mada Linx Mada Linx says:

    My face while reading this book. My face while reading this book.

  8. Charlene Charlene says:

    S.E Smith s enthralling Dragon Lords of Valdier series seamlessly segues into her latest series with Ha ven s Song, the first of the Curizan Warrior tales.Rescued from a drug lord torturing women, Emma Watson s physical injuries are healed by her alien rescuers advanced knowledge, but her mental wounds are beyond their reach A gifted singer a

  9. Tam Tam says:

    I don t know how SE Smith does it but every single time I finish a book in one of her series, I want the next one SES creates diverse and interesting worlds filled with alpha men totally devoted to their ladies and children.This book is a new series but still connected to our Dragon Lords and Sarafin Warriors We follow Emma, who first appears

  10. Diane T. Diane T. says:

    S.E Smith does it again I stumbled across this author by accident and within three months had read every book she had written I am a die hard fan of Ms Smith is a delightful example of her work Ha ven is a wonderful character who finds himself in the same position that his friends were in, in love with a human female and completely clueless as

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