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High-Altitude Doctor eBook Ü Paperback Kathmandu, Nepal,meters above sea levelDr Juliet Adams is an expert in her field of high altitude medicine and she s about to take on the most dangerous, grueling challenge of all Mount Everest Everest Base Camp,meters above sea levelIt s Juliet s life ambition to reach the summit to finish what her brother couldn t he died climbing it But one man stands in her way Brooding Dr Finn McBride is also on the expedition and it s their job to work together, trust each other and ensure everyone s safety, when every moment could be fatalCamp IV in the South Col, the Death Zone Finn s natural instinct is to protect his determined, beautiful colleague He knows she s got secrets, but on Everest, there s nowhere to hide

10 thoughts on “High-Altitude Doctor

  1. Dalia Dalia says:

    Sarah Morgan is a great storyteller She never fails to surprise me In this book she tackles a very original premise high altitude medicine and climbing the world s highest mountain Everest During this adventure we get to know Finn and Juliet, both doctors, both mountain climbers, both have skeletons in the cupboard.The romance

  2. Kate Kate says:

    Fascinating setting

  3. Jen Jen says:

    I ve found Sarah Morgan s medical series to be sweet and addictive reading I love the incredulity of her settings that just whisk you away in romantic splendour There s a decided chill in High Altitude Doctor but it s tempered by the heat and tension between Juliet and Finn Finn seems a bit too perfect but his over confidence is challenged by

  4. Allison Allison says:

    The book is well written and the twist at the start really surprised me The circumstances are just too far beyond me to seem realistic.

  5. Anne Anne says:

    Five stars for the premise Although the heroine was too whiny, I thought the setting was just awesome I love love stories bordering on travel lit.

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