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His Road Home MOBI Æ His Road  PDF \ To avoid an Afghan warlord s matchmaking, Staff Sergeant Rey Cruz invents a fianc e he ll never meet until he s flat on his back in Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, and marine biologist Grace Kim shows up with one question why did you lie Cruz can t explain his fabrication to her, the news media, their families, or their hometown, because his traumatic brain injury has manifested as aphasia, leaving him with few words to navigate his new worldGrace offers friendship, a big step for a woman who prefers Orcinus orca to most company Texting throughout his recovery, they connect in ways neither anticipates She agrees to help drive his classic muscle car home across country at Thanksgiving His hands on method of teaching her to operate a manual transmission is the beginning of his challenges to her comfort zone She responds by introducing him to the steamy world of South Dakota ice fishing shacks, and they both learn to look beyond labels into each other s hearts

10 thoughts on “His Road Home

  1. Alp Alp says:

    HEARTBREAKINGLY BEAUTIFUL.This was a very, very beautiful short story that went straight to my heart Reading this book was like taking a journey of love and hope alongside Rey and Grace I don t know why it took me so long to pick up this one, but I m certainly glad I did The story was so emotional, so much so that it made me go all mushy and tear

  2. Jill Jill says:

    When a grateful Afghan tribal leader offers Staff Sergeant Reynaldo Cruz, one of his daughters as a wife, Rey knows that to turn down the offer would be an insult, and place him and his men in a vulnerable position He invents a fake fianc e A photo of Grace Kim, one of his older sister s school friends seems a good choice The ruse will soon be forgott

  3. Karla Karla says:

    4.5 Stars This is now one of my treasured reads His Road Home might have been Rey s story, but it was also very much Grace s journey While I loved Rey, his optimism and outlook on life, it was Grace who stole the show, she truly was Amazing Grace I adored Rey, simply adored him, and I m not trying to minimize the tragic way his life changed or the role he

  4. Marjorie Ingall Marjorie Ingall says:

    Anna Richland has balls of steel Ovaries of steel Either Both Because holy crap, does this book take chances It s a love story between a Latino soldier who s had his legs blown off below the knee in Afghanistan and has a traumatic brain injury so he can barely speak, and a Korean American ichthyologist with a doctorate who has never met him but due to THINGS ha

  5. -ya -ya says:

    Life didn t make bargains It just dealt hands.Grace Kim is a marine biologist.Rey Cruz was a medic in special force About his injury Rey They bother you Grace No Although sometimes what they stand for does. It challenges me to pay attention, to think about politics, duty, America A lot to consider.This novella has some flaws in the plotline because of its shorter le

  6. Laura (Kyahgirl) Laura (Kyahgirl) says:

    5 5 5 stars A For someone who loves romance, this book hit the spot on all levels I loved the characters, Grace and Rey, and the story of their developing friendship and eventual romantic relationship The backdrop is grim There is no way around the fact that soldiers returning from war bearing physical, mental, and emotional injuries, have to basically re invent their li

  7. Kari Kaz Kari Kaz says:

    His Road Home is the story of a soldier, Rey, who invents a fianc e to get out of marrying the daughter of a local warlord in the Middle East He chooses to present a photo of Grace, a girl he barely knew from his hometown but who seems to fit the bill When he s severely injured and brought back to the US, Grace who is clueless about the deception is contacted and encouraged

  8. Jacqueline J Jacqueline J says:

    Nice book On the whole I enjoyed it The biggest thing holding it back fromstars was that it felt rather distant, a bittell than show The theme was interesting and I enjoyed both main characters The story also could have benefited fromdescription.

  9. Hallie Hallie says:

    2 friends read and liked this, but honestly, I think I saw a soldier in Walter Reed Militar Center and somehow translated this in my head to MICHAEL and REBECCA I was wrong A for diversity Not only are both characters of colour, there s also a very clear depiction of the ways in which undocumented workers are exploited and abused, which can carry on for a lifetime Rey s mother raised t

  10. Anna Richland Anna Richland says:

    HIS ROAD HOME is a National Finalist Romance Writers of America announced the nominees for the Rita Award for best novella of 2014, and guess who s going to New York City for the ceremony Sergeant Rey Cruz and Grace Kim I m thrilled that HIS ROAD HOME has been selected with nine other great authors to be a finalist You can see the whole announcement here RITA Award Announcements Thank you f

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