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House of Stairs PDF/EPUB Í House of  PDF \ One by one, five sixteen year old orphans are brought to a strange building It is not a prison, not a hospital it has no walls, no ceiling, no floor Nothing but endless flights of stairs leading nowhere, except back to a strange red machine The five must learn to love the machine and let it rule their lives But will they let it kill their souls

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  1. Keeley Keeley says:

    After googling different phrases for a while, I finally found the name of the book I read when I was around 12 that catapulted me into my interest into psychology and the human mind The story of five teenagers locked in a place that consisted only of stairs and landings, the way they were trained like Pavlov s dogs to respond to the demands of a machine for food, demands that became ever horrible I remember reading th

  2. Lstirl Lstirl says:

    A chilling and suspenseful tale that stick with the reader for years to come.This book is recommended for 9 12 year olds, however, I think it might be a bit intense for the younger side of this group, and I, as an adult, thoroughly enjoyed Slater s treatment of this psychological horror.Personal Note I read this book as a tween, and it stuck with me all these years I remember not being able to put it down, and upon revisiting

  3. Chris Chris says:

    Young adult fiction must be a really tough genre to wrap your head around, for a writer You have a story that you want to tell, and you have to tell it in such a way that it is simple enough for your target audience to read, yet engaging enough to keep them reading The themes have to be familiar enough for them to understand and relate to, yet unusual enough to be interesting for them Go too far in the wrong direction and you have a

  4. Apoorva Apoorva says:

    Rating 3.5 Review Five orphans, named Lola, Peter, Blossom, Abigail and Oliver, all aged 16, suddenly find themselves in a weird place where there are no walls, floor, rooms or anything normal The only thing this place has is lots and lots of stairs defying gravity All of them are scared to find themselves in such a place and want to get back to their lives Slowly, they start discovering the place and knowing each other, when they notice a

  5. Diana Welsch Diana Welsch says:

    I read this because it is the 1 answer to What the hell was that crazy book I read 20 years ago questions House of Stairs has showed up on LibraryThing s Name That Book group three times in the past year Half of the YA books in that group turn out to be William Sleator We got a Contact Us question the other day that turned out to be 2 William Sleator books So I figured it was high time I read something by this mysterious man.Jesus There s a reaso

  6. Trudi Trudi says:

    I am insanely addicted attracted to stories about the group in peril , when people are thrust into an alien setting absent of any social rules and obligations Under such circumstances, it usually doesn t take long for humans to throw off the shackles of civilized conduct and resort to a brutal survival of the fittest approach That s not just the pessimist in me coming out, but the realist What we become in extremis is both fascinating and frightening i

  7. Deborah Markus Deborah Markus says:

    A modern classic I read House of Stairs frequently as a child, and was happy to see this speculative novel from 1974 stands the test of time.That s because Sleator wisely keeps the futuristic science fiction touches to a minimum There s a very 70s reference to air pollution, but it isn t pivotal The rest of the book is about what doesn t change human nature.I m handing this to my son to read now I have the feeling he ll be as riveted by it as I was at his age.

  8. Charlie - A Reading Machine Charlie - A Reading Machine says:

    I first read the synopsis for this a few years ago and the concept immediately caught my attention Set in an unknown but clearly dystopian future, we follow five kids in their early teens who are suddenly dumped alone on a never ending room of stairs There is a machine that spits out food but only when the group perform certain actions which they have to determine by trial and error When the machine starts rewarding violence of the physical and psychological types th

  9. Amanda Coppedge Amanda Coppedge says:

    Probably the first dystopian novel I ever read Because of this book, near the beginning of season one of LOST I was already predicting the cages and fish biscuits that would show up in season three.UPDATE Reread in 2013 after reading multiple times from ages 10 20 It has held up really well for a book written in the mid 1970s, besides some unfortunate stereotyping that was common at the time.

  10. Lee Davis Lee Davis says:

    I think this is the last entry in my YA Sci Fi kick, but it s a high note to end on I ve spent than half my life searching for this book Really I checked it out from the Lawrence Public Library when I was 9 or 10 and read the first 15 pages, and then it got away from me I remember everything about it vividly 5 teenage orphans in a near future distopia find themselves, without explanation, in a gigantic white room consisting only of endless staircases and a machine that irregularl

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