Human Structure MOBI Ü Hardcover

Human Structure MOBI Ü Hardcover Human Structure is an innovative introduction to human gross anatomy with a twofold approach to view the basics of anatomy from a broad scientific perspective and to explain the facts of form and function in terms and concepts that minimize the usual confusion and anxiety of beginning anatomy studies Functional, comparative, and developmental anatomy are ingeniously woven into a single explanatory perspective, presenting human anatomy as an intelligible whole rather than as a heap of disconnected facts to be memorized As a result, Human Structure is suitable not only for first year medical students but also for undergraduates in premedical or biological science courses, for students in paramedical or college level nursing programs, and indeed for anyone seeking a refresher course in human anatomyThe book begins with the generalized segmental organization characteristic of vertebrates and then examines the most obviously segmented parts of the human body the bones, muscles, vessels, and nerves of the trunk between the neck and the pelvis The book progresses through regions where the simple organizational plan has undergone and radical modifications and ends with the ancient and extreme specializations found in the head At each step, the authors widen our intellectual understanding of how these modifications have been imposed, onto genetically or phylogenetically, upon simpler precursorsThe prose is personal and literate, peppered with inventive elucidations of concepts and accompanied by a wealth of illustrations designed for conceptual clarity and ease of visualization The level of presentation has been finely tuned, over several years of class testing, to enhance its pedagogical effectiveness in human anatomy courses

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