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!!> Epub ➣ Irresistible ➢ Author R.L. Mathewson – Tamekatrine.info From Bestselling Author RL Mathewson Comes The Long Awaited Neighbor From Hell Novel IrresistibleThere Weren T Many Things That Aidan Regretted, But That Night He D Spent With The Woman That He Couldn T Stop Thinking About Was Definitely One Of Them He D Always Been Careful, Always Did The Right Thing, And Now Now He Had To Figure Out A Way To Fix This Before It Was Too LateMelanie Still Couldn T Figure Out How One Night Could Change The Rest Of Her Life She Should Have Done A Lot Of Things Differently That Night, She Should Have Turned Him Down, Should Have Spent The Rest Of The Night Wallowing In Self Pity, But That S Not What Happened And Now, She Needed To Figure Out How She Was Going To Survive This Pregnancy With A Bradford Doing Everything In His Power To Make Her Fall In Love With Him

10 thoughts on “Irresistible

  1. DSR_Reads DSR_Reads says:

    When will this one come out The sneak peek in Delectable is amazing. I m dying here to read Irresistible.UPDATE. 4th February is the date Finished

  2. Nina Nina says:

    Expected publication in year 2020 What

  3. Ivy Deluca Ivy Deluca says:

    The Bradford family formula is in place, and if you love that and the humor, this may be right up your alley I have really enjoyed some of the earlier books, but I d lost touch with this series, so picking it up again, it felt familiar and not necessarily in the best way The food obsession is expected, the familial snarking and general smart assery That I like But my issue is the lack of character development T

  4. Bouchra Bouchra says:

    it s been so long that I completely forgot who was each brother.Does someone have a really quick recap with the name of each brother and his book girl occupation After readingI really couldn t manage to get invested in the storyI think this is the end of the series for meWe have been waiting for this book for a long time and I know the problems the author faced during this time so I understand why it took so long

  5. Maya Maya says:

    Sooooo Excited for this like I just finished delectable and was reminded of how amazing the author s writing is and how much I love the Bradford family Also I m super excited for Jared s book

  6. Nomims Nomims says:

    3 starsI was so happy to come back to this world I quickly got annoyed The worst thing is the repetition of absently thoughtful glaring bored and some other words Every single chapters had them at least 3 or 4 times I know it s supposed to be funny but it was just annoying and dumb there i said it English is not my first language, i actually just read it but rarely speak it yet it was that obvious and bothering.Also som

  7. Lisa Lisa says:

    I did read the first book in this series years ago and was not inspired to continue even though the story was interesting enough The writing and editing just needs help Well, as this is book 11 in the series, sadly the writing and editing still needs help I now recall why I stopped This story was not bad It actually was fun and less tortured and less neighbor from hell ish I just realize I am not a fan of this author s wri

  8. Raine Raine says:

    Good story I liked Aiden and Melanie s story, but I think Perfection and Fire Brimstone are still my favorites of this series I am actually looking forward to Devin and Charlie s story I think Devin is the first Bradford with kids and it will be interesting to see how kiss fit into the mix with these crazy Bradfords and their love of food Good story I liked Aiden and Melanie s story, but I think Perfection and Fire Brimstone

  9. Fiona Fog Fiona Fog says:

    Loved it Engagement factor off the charts and an awesomely hilarious read that I didn t want to end.R.L Mathewson never fails to deliver when it comes to her writing The visuals she gives as you anxiously turn pages will have you alternating between laughter and hunger when she mentions all the yummy food I m up looking for snacks to accompany me while reading.Her characters are engaging, fun, and sweet The story and the continu

  10. Marishka Marishka says:

    Safety neither were with others during their five month separation Before that he s been celibate over a year and she only been with one other person A tiny bit OW OM drama in the form of her sister and her ex fianc.

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