Paperback õ Lionheart Kindle Ü

Paperback  õ Lionheart Kindle Ü Lionheart is the latest thrilling historical novel in Stewart Binns s epic Making of England series.1176 EnglandKing Henry II reigns over a vast empire that stretches the length of Britain and reaches the foothills of the Pyrenees But he is aging, and his powerful and ambitious sons are restless.Henry s third son, Richard of Aquitaine, is developing a fearsome reputation for being a ruthless warrior Arrogant and conceited he earns the name Richard Lionheart for his bravery and brutality on the battlefield.After the death of his brothers, Richard s impatience to take the throne, and gain the immense power that being King over a vast empire would bring him, leads him to form an alliance with France.And so, Richard begins his bloody quest to return the Holy Land to Christian rule.Stewart Binns Making of England series features Conquest, Crusade, Anarchy and his latest historical page turner, Lionheart.

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