Lustful Awakenings ePUB ☆ Lustful Awakenings ePUB

Lustful Awakenings  ePUB ☆ Lustful Awakenings  ePUB Warning Graphic sexual situations Four lustful tales of BDSM and sexual awakenings the darker side What happens when young Carolyn tries fending off a gang of feral bikers She finds herself drawn in to their torturous pleasures Jennifer and Carl, married and bored Who knew that a camping trip would spice up their sex life with delicious tortures from new found friends The seamy side of New Orleans brings pleasurable awakenings to Dena, when she meets a seductive man for a vacation adventure she ll never forget Talia and Cindy want to become regulars at a new bar, and end up having the most deviant sexual experience of their lives.

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  1. Jessica Satin Jessica Satin says:

    Lustful Awakenings is a collection of four super sexy shorts focusing on the awakening of a woman s desire for domination, each in her own way.Themes explored range from a married couple into BDSM mentoring another couple in the ways of restraint and pain as pleasure deep in the woods a hot, eager young woman tricked into a gang bang by a devilishly handsome man, a foray into bondage

  2. Mardi Sauve Mardi Sauve says:

    Hot I like to think about the kind of stories in this book but I would be afraid to let this happen to w

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