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Midnight PDF Ü Paperback In a time of peril, she fears nothing except the forbidden passions of her heartIn Boston, revolution is in the wind yet none would ever suspect Faith Kingston of treason But under cover of darkness, the beautiful daughter of a Tory tavern owner becomes the notorious spy Lady Midnight, passing valuable secrets to the rebels Dedicated to fighting British tyranny, she ll let nothing distract her until a dark, mesmerizing stranger enters her life A reckless, worldly adventurer, Nicholas Grey has returned to troubled Massachusetts seeking revenge for the death of his rebel father He suspects a local innkeeper, but it s the man s breathtaking, ebony skinned daughter who has truly captured his interest Nicholas burns for the sensuous, secretive lady and Faith cannot mask her own blazing desires But when destiny unites their causes, the passion that draws Midnight into Nicholas s arms is as dangerous as it is glorious and it could spell disaster for them both

10 thoughts on “Midnight

  1. Jamie (TheRebelliousReader) Jamie (TheRebelliousReader) says:

    4 stars I ve been wanting to read this book for a while just based off of that beautiful cover alone Add in the fact that it s by Beverly Jenkins and we ve got a winner I really enjoyed it I seem to go on and on about how much I love Jenkins s writing every time I review a book by her so I won t here, but just know that she s fantastic at what she does The cha

  2. Kenneth Wade Kenneth Wade says:

    I enjoy the diversity as well as the historical aspects of Beverly Jenkins work One sentence isn t really a review, but I wanted to note that 4 stars

  3. Helena Helena says:

    In Midnight, Beverly Jenkins provides a rarely told and unique glimpse into revolutionary war Boston from the perspective of people of African descent This novel thoughtfully portrays the story and struggle of Black colonists and Loyalists in an oft overlooked aspect to this nation s struggle for independence The fight for freedom takes on new meaning in this story fe

  4. Kiru Taye Kiru Taye says:

    I read this book for the Around the world in 80 books reading challenge for February s African American history month.This is a story which weaves authentic history with romance I was so intrigued by the plot centred around the Boston Revolution and the role African Americans played in it.I love reading about brave characters who face adversities and challenge the norm Fa

  5. Abi Abi says:

    This was an amazing readMidnighttook place during the American Revolution and it was really cool to see the perspectives between African American and or Black Patriots and Loyalists Nick and Faith had an endearing and passionate romance and I just couldn t stop reading This is truly a great historical romance book and I highly recommend it 5 5 stars

  6. Karen Taylor Karen Taylor says:

    Heart Felt I just love this story It makes me angry and warm inside at the same time The love that Nick has for has for his wife is breathtaking If you want to know anything about history here is a love story for you KT

  7. Alicia Alicia says:

    As usual, Ms Jenkins has penned a well written novel But, this one seems formulaiclacking the sizzle of Captured or the sweetness of A Chance at Love.

  8. SassyMama SassyMama says:

    What can I saya WONDERFUL history lesson with a PLEASURABLE amount of romanceanother perfect combination

  9. Brandi Brandi says:

    Beverly Jenkins is a historical romance genius I hae always loved her and her ability to make some of the most uncomfortable historical times into a sweeping, believable love story.

  10. Cynthia Cynthia says:

    This book takes place in one of my favorite periods of history American Revolution When I started this book the first chapter had me questioning quite a few things.Such as would the people living in Boston, MA, have called the Seven Years War and French and Indian War by these names I realized when reading that Jenkins referred to them, so her modern reader would know what she was talking about,

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