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Mr Campion and Others PDF å Mr Campion  PDF/EPUB ² An enthusiastic equestrian who lives for hunting foxes, pretty women, and other people s jewelry A resilient nonagenarian who keeps returning from the dead to scam unsuspecting insurance companies A safecracker who prides himself on professional incompetence Now gentleman detective Albert Campion must match wits with a sinister assortment of lowlifes, crooks and cons in thirteen of the most baffling, bemusing, and breathtaking cases of his career

10 thoughts on “Mr Campion and Others

  1. Abbey Abbey says:

    MR CAMPION AND OTHERS, Margery Allingham1950, title used twice, first in 1939 the first eight stories in this collection are also in the 1939 collection but this edition also has five different stories Nice, but not great Three and one half stars Note The others in the title actually refer to the stories in the 1939 edition that were not in this edition they were NOT Campion

  2. Renita D& Renita D& says:

    Wonderful and entertaining.

  3. Karla Huebner Karla Huebner says:

    A fun little set of mystery stories, mostly from the 1930s They prompt some ruminations on the genre and period First off, I think Margery Allingham was at her best an excellent writer, albeit not one whose solutions to mysteries always follow the rules Second, I think Allingham and Dorothy Sayers generally wrotememorable novels than short stories their novels havedepth and compl

  4. Telyn Telyn says:

    A frivolous collection of mostly early 1930s Albert Campion stories that would have originally appeared in publications like The Strand Magazine The stories are filled with authentic period flavor and are well written and great fun a treat for Allingham enthusiasts and fans of golden age British detective stories but they re not very substantive However, unlike some of the other Al

  5. wellreadcat wellreadcat says:

    Perfection Ideal for a lazy Sunday afternoon s reading If Dorothy L Sayers and P.G Wodehouse had a literary baby this would be it.

  6. Victor Victor says:

    A very solid collection of a Baker s dozen means 13 never knew it of mr Campions exploits.These weremeaty unpardonable expression ,I am sure than other Campion short stories I read in other collections.Most rely on Mr Campions not so respectable associations made in his youth but all are very enjoyable all the same and contains very neat twists and con tricks.While the stories do not h

  7. Michelle Michelle says:

    In spite of the stories repetitiveness, I enjoyed this collectionthan the two Campion novels I read Allingham is enjoyable to read her prose fluid, her characters likeable but she is simply not very good at writing mysteries Each of these stories relies on an insanely improbable coincidence Campion happens to have seen something related to the crime the night before, or happens to know s

  8. M Christopher M Christopher says:

    A mixed bag of detective stories featuring society sleuth Albert Campion Allingham fell into a bit of a formula with sweet lung things needing help from Uncle Albert.

  9. Jack Heath Jack Heath says:

    Synopsis a collection of thirteen short stories about Campion A few others which are non Campion are included.

  10. J E J E says:

    Campion at his best Really well crafted and enjoyable Excellent set of Campion stories They re a decent length and I was kept reading into the early hours I read all the Campion novels a while back but missed this collection I m very pleased to have found it and surprised that it hasn t made it into audio format with the other Campion books Neat set of problems with a quiet flair Deceptively s

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