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[Reading] ➶ My Way to You Author Catherine Bybee – Tamekatrine.info A Woman S Journey Through Tragedy Leads To The Discovery Of Love In A Novel About Hope And Survival By New York Times Bestselling Author Catherine Bybee When A Wildfire Nearly Destroys Parker Sinclair S Family Home, It S Just One Disaster To Add To Her Mountain Of Stress For The Past Two Years, She Has Shouldered The Responsibility Of Raising Her Younger Brother And Sister After Their Parents Untimely Deaths Forced To Leave College For A Crappy Job That Barely Pays The Bills, Parker Manages Her Family Property, Which Consumes Every Aspect Of Her Life Now Winter Is Coming And The Forecast Isn T Spreading Sunshine On The Dark Cloud Over Her Head The Last Thing Parker Needs Is A Mudslide Destroying Everything She Has Worked So Hard To MaintainColin Hudson S Job As A Public Works Supervisor Is To Protect Parker S Property And Neighborhood From Further Damage But It S A Little Hard When The Owner Of The Land Is A Control Freak Who Tries To Do Everything Herself The Hardworking, Attractive Young Woman Is Far From The Hot Mess She Claims To Be In Fact, Her Tight Grip Of Control Is One Of The Things That Attract Him The Most It S Also The Hardest To Crack Now Colin S Working Overtime To Help Parker Open Up Her Heart, Trust Him, And Let Him InAs Parker And Colin Work Together To Keep Her Home And Neighborhood Safe, They May Be In For Another Disaster Or They May Just Realize That Sometimes It Takes Destruction To Create Something New

10 thoughts on “My Way to You

  1. "Avonna "Avonna says:

    Check out all of my reviews at WAY TO YOU Canyon Creek Series Book 1 by Catherine Bybee is the first book in a new contemporary romance series that is a powerful and engaging emotional read I have enjoyed many books by this author, but this

  2. Syndi Syndi says:

    I do like this book I always drawn into small town romance It provides soothing swoony and romantic story My Way to You is no exception It is a romance in the background of small town ranch where natural disaster loke fire and flood as a background

  3. Mindy Lou& Mindy Lou& says:

    Catherine Bybee has well earned her spot on my favorite authors to read list I craveto a story than just the couple getting together, and she delivers every time There was so much heart in My Way to You I just fell in love with all of these characters and

  4. Carvanz Carvanz says:

    Wow I mean, WOW I was aware of the struggles this author went through after the fact, and before reading this book, and was in awe at her strength Going into this story, I was unaware that her experiences were the backdrop for this particular book, though I knew o

  5. Wendy Wendy says:

    My Way To You by Catherine Bybee is the first novel in her Canyon Creek series It is also my first novel by this author and I am eagerly awaiting the second.Based on a true story her own personal experience involving fire, floods and mudslides.I love the author s percepti

  6. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    My Way to You is the first book in the new Creek Canyon series This is a contemporary romance and it s my first book by this author I really enjoyed this book But truthfully it was not what I was expecting This book was so muchemotional than I was anticipating I love books that m

  7. Kate Kate says:

    It is clear that while reading this book that it is personal a close to the heart project for the author And CB is an exceptional writer as I have read some of her previous works and loved and liked them, but this just didn t work for me It is clearly ME and NOT the book.After Parker s p

  8. Timitra Timitra says:

    My Way To You is my first book by this author but it won t be my last I enjoyed this book especially the heroine s strength, that nothing seemed to really phase her I loved that the hero complemented her My Way To You is a sweet and wonderful read with awesome characters both main and secondary

  9. Anne OK Anne OK says:

    A mixed bag of emotions found within the pages of the first book in Bybee s new Creek Canyon series I loved the storyline and the characters, but the writing style left a void one I m not exactly sure how to explain Somehow it felt cold and monotonous at times and maybe that s a little too severe, but I

  10. Nerdy Dirty & Flirty Nerdy Dirty & Flirty says:

    Love can happen anytime I had no expectations as I began this story and didn t realize how personal a story it was Parker was in the middle of a disaster and her focus, as it had been for a while, was keeping her family safe and their home in one piece She d barely been keeping things together as it was so this

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