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My World in Motion PDF/EPUB Ñ My World  Kindle - Jo Whiley is someone millions of us recognise but very few of us know Jo s a mother, sister, DJ, wife and music industry insider who throughout her career and in an age of fleeting celebrity has earned the respect of her peers and fans by simply being herself and for her constant enthusiasm, be it for established rock n roll royalty or emerging talent For Jo Whiley, it s all about the music My World in Motion offers a unique opportunity to get to know the real Jo Whiley From her musical epiphany being carried over the crowd at a Clash concert to when she became friends with John Peel at Glastonbury over some very short shorts his not hers and interviewed Bono surviving a power cut on vodka My World in Motion is an honest, funny, self deprecating account of Jo s professional coming of age, and what it means to be a private person in a very public world

10 thoughts on “My World in Motion

  1. Trish Trish says:

    I was interested to read this as Jo is a local girl.Her sister has learning disabilities, and her descriptions of how her family is affected by this are vivid.Music is her great love and she communicates this ver

  2. Katy Burton Katy Burton says:

    I was interested, as Jo is one of my favourite DJs, however, I just found it a bit too repetitive This book would have been so much better under the guidance of a good editor I would love to read an update though,

  3. Dominic Dominic says:

    I liked this book I love DJ Jo Whiley and her weekend BBC Radio 1 show The book was a little different than I expected its muchof a retrospective looking back from where she is now I did read the book and hear her

  4. non non says:


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