Nee Naw: Real Life Dispatches From Ambulance Control

Nee Naw: Real Life Dispatches From Ambulance Control Suzi Ambulance service, what s the problem Caller Help My baby s not breathing When you dialfor an ambulance, Suzi s could be the voice you hear on the other end of the phone Working in one of the country s busiest control rooms, it is her job to stay on the phone until the ambulance arrives, and to give instructions that could save your lifeFrom taking the first calls after the terrorist attacks on th July , to delivering a baby over the phone, whether helping the child whose mum has attempted suicide, or dealing with the many regular callers serial hoaxer The Banana Man, Sally the young alcoholic and Mad Brenda, each with their own surprising stories to tell Suzi has heard it allNee Naw will take you on a whirlwind tour of life in the emergency lane, introducing you to some unforgettable characters Suzi Brent will make you laugh, she ll make you cry, but never again will you dialfor a broken fingerSuzi Ambulance service, what s the problem Caller I ve eaten too much, and now I feel really sick Can you die from eating too much

10 thoughts on “Nee Naw: Real Life Dispatches From Ambulance Control

  1. Kelly Wilson Kelly Wilson says:

    Such a great little read I actually feel I ve learned something about those unknowns who send out ambulances and deal with life and death on a daily basis without recognition.One minute I was laughing along with the author and the next devastated by the very real tragedy that she was so often involved in.I ve often thought I d like to do her job but was never sure if I could handle it Having finished the book, I m still not sure if I coul

  2. Julie Cohen Julie Cohen says:

    Stories about people calling ambulances, from the funny to the tragic I love this sort of thing.

  3. Sarah Sarah says:

    I have a very good knowledge of first aid so hopefully I wouldn t be as useless as the callers described in the book should I have to call 999 It did make me sad that there are so many rude, entitled people, who cannot grasp the concept of life threatening and seem to think that rules don t apply to them It was a very quick read and enlightening, I recommend.

  4. hayley hayley says:

    Absolutely fantastic Describes my role as a EMD perfectly This was very literal and precise showing clear facts about las, fantastic read Thank you so much for publishing this.

  5. Jim Jim says:

    and how was your day at work Suzi helped save a life or answered an emeregency call from a man at an airport needing a banana or listened as a grandchild saw grandma s dead body.susi brent answers the phone at the 999 service in london quick note of frustration, this is a paperback someone picked up in england and brought over to the states, the writing is English not American there is a glossary in the back for practicle things, not for explaini

  6. Fay Fay says:

    Lovely light hearted memoir of Suzi s time as an EMD Emergency Medical Dispatcher She recalls her first 18 months in a busy Lond0n Ambulance Control Centre, taking truly urgent calls as well as the plague of nuisance calls that they get.I listened to it in the car and really didn t think I would listen to all 6 CDs on this one subject, but between the delightful English reader and the variety of situations that an EMD is faced with daily I felt I l

  7. John Kirk John Kirk says:

    This is a book based on a blog if you liked Blood, Sweat Tea then you ll like this too I ve been reading the blog for the last few years, but it was good to read the posts again, and several of them were new to me Some of the stories are funny, others are sad, but collectively they give a good insight into how the 999 system works I ll lend this to my SJA colleagues, and I recommend it to a general audience as well This is a book based on a blog if y

  8. Ade Couper Ade Couper says:

    Bit of a change from my usual round.This is the blog of an Emergency Medical Dispatcher EMD in the London Ambulance Service ambulance control room It starts with the 7 7 bombings, describes Suzi s life as an EMD it s really good Working in psychiatric nursing I find these books interesting my job s sort of similar, I m interested in how people in allied areas of healthcare deal with the reality the sheer lunacy of working for the NHS..This is a very we

  9. Laura Osborne Laura Osborne says:

    I enjoyed this book, mainly as I read the Tom Reynolds books blood, sweat and a cup of tea based on his blog as a paramedic and this was recommended with it It s quite funny talking about some of the things people ring 999 for, but some parts really make you think about the idiots who abuse the system, first by calling 999, then abusing the dispatcher and the medics when they arrive Suzi also covers the 7 7 bombings in London which made very interesting

  10. Matthew Bushnell Matthew Bushnell says:

    Written with great candor, this book is an incredible insight into the life of an Emergency Medical Dispatcher With great clarity and often humour, Suzi tells it like it is A great eye opener to a vital, yet behind the scenes role.

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