No Applause--Just Throw Money: The Book That Made

No Applause--Just Throw Money: The Book That Made A seriously funny look at the roots of American EntertainmentWhen Groucho Marx and Charlie Chaplin were born, variety entertainment had been going on for decades in America, and like Harry Houdini, Milton Berle, Mae West, and countless others, these performers got their start on the vaudeville stage Fromto , vaudeville was at the heart of show business in the States Its stars were America s first stars in the modern sense, and it utterly dominated American popular culture Writer and modern day vaudevillian Trav SD chronicles vaudeville s far reaching impact inNo Applause Just Throw Money He explores the many ways in which vaudeville s story is the story of show business in America and documents the rich history and cultural legacy of our country s only purely indigenous theatrical form, including its influence on everything from USO shows to Ed Sullivan to The Muppet Show and The Gong Show More than a quaint historical curiosity, vaudeville is thriving today, and Trav SD pulls back the curtain on the vibrant subculture that exists across the United States a vast grassroots network of fire eaters, human blockheads, burlesque performers, and bad comics intent on taking vaudeville into its second century

10 thoughts on “No Applause--Just Throw Money: The Book That Made Vaudeville Famous

  1. Zack Hansen Zack Hansen says:

    In comparison to most of the entertainment histories I ve read, this one is a very casual, entertaining and occasionally hilarious read At times it does get a bit repetitive and can often resort to just listing names of performers associated with different

  2. Jeff Johnson Jeff Johnson says:

    Have you ever read a book that was just so damn good you hugged it with joy when you were done Well that was this one for me What a wonderful well researched, witty, informative look at the great unique fascinating entertainment medium of Vaudeville which had bee

  3. Paul Paul says:

    It s sometimes hard to get your head around just how big Vaudeville was for a period of 30 years or so around the turn of the century and after Where today we might gather to tut tut about the last episode of Lost or the new Simpsons Movie, the ordinary folk of that ag

  4. Ralphz Ralphz says:

    One of the most unexpected books I ve ever read and one of the funnest, too.This is the history of vaudeville, told from the perspective of a current vaudevillian It s a loving look at the development of American entertainment in the hundreds of theaters across the country V

  5. Todd Stockslager Todd Stockslager says:

    Starting from the appalling pun name for Travis Stewart, this book descends, transcends and ascends the history of vaudeville The author, real name Travis Stewart, traces the brief period of vaudeville s ascendancy from its roots in variety shows, saloon shows, and burlesque as a

  6. Kevin Fitzpatrick Kevin Fitzpatrick says:

    Indispensable book for anyone that wants to know how live entertainment started in the USA It is a guide to the lost world of vaudeville, its names, places, and dates I had no idea the influence of vaudeville is so deep in popular entertainment today Trav S.D is a master presenter of fi

  7. Wils Cain Wils Cain says:

    A fun non fiction read about the history of Vaudeville Best mental image is little Buster Keaton with a luggage handle sewn onto his coat in the middle of his back so his dad could pick him up and throw him into the orchestra pit or audience Or a coma

  8. Robert Robert says:

    No Applause Just Throw Money blends the best of compelling storytelling with thorough, rigorous research Author Trav S.D Donald Travis Stewart traces the ancestry of Vaudeville style entertainment from Antiquity, touching on the Middle Ages, the 17th and 18th centuries and quickly into 19th century

  9. Bruce Bruce says:

    Al Jolson Mae West Eddie Cantor Bessie Smith W.C Fields Eva Tanguay Variety is the spice of life, a staple of late night television, and apparently historically the dregs of the theater Travis Stewart here serves up a heaping helping of the steaming goulash that drove American cultural life at the turn o

  10. Royce Ratterman Royce Ratterman says:

    Read for personal historical research I found this work of some interest number rating relates to the book s contribution to my needs Well salted with the corruptions so typical of those involved with the secular realms of entertainment.Despite being liberally laced some would say completely permeated with age

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