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No More Playas  ePUB æ No More  PDF/EPUB ² Lance Montgomery, Renowned Relationship Expert, Has Perfected The Art Of Being A Playa His Acclaimed Workshops And Bestselling Books Prove It His Most Popular Title, The Playa S Handbook, Caused A Major Uproar Among Black Women And Men, And Shot To The Top Of The Bestseller ListThen He Met Dr Asia Fowler, A Colleague Whose Views On Love Are Vastly Different From His Own Intrigued And Unable To Forget Her, Lance Wanted Her In His Bed Instead, She Found Her Way Into His Heart Fighting His Feelings For Her, Lance Drives Her Into The Arms Of Another Man Soon After, He Realizes Dr Asia Fowler Is The First Woman He Has Ever Loved Now He S Determined To Get Her Back No Matter What

10 thoughts on “No More Playas

  1. Monique Thomas Monique Thomas says:

    Reading this book was a emotional rollercoaster The pain, lies, secrets and love were wrapped up perfectly I read this out of sequence and plan to read the first book in this series, The Playa s Handbook immediately.

  2. OOSA OOSA says:

    I don t want to be a playa NODr Lance Montgomery is the playa of all playas, until he meets Dr Asia Fowler and loses his mind Not sure of what is happening to him, he drives her away only to find out he loves her WHAT That can t be, he is a MACK Macks don t fall in love Dr Montgomery has a new book due on the editor s desk by May and is

  3. D.S. White D.S. White says:

    I loved Carrie and Connor s story The author handled an often swept under the rug issue with a frankness that was effective yet not over the top Great job Mrs Jackson I was however, disappointed in Lance and Asia s conclusion Lance was not as dynamic in this sequel and for me there was a less believable quality, however I would still recommend

  4. Tammy Benton Tammy Benton says:

    No More Playas by Brenda Jackson was a great book Start off with the biggest playa of them all Dr Lance Montgomery who hurteAsia he finally met his match who made him feel emotion he never truly felt for any other women Dr Asia Fowler was engage to her ex boyfriend brother Sean Crews he loved her they were close friends Lance Montgomery has a plan to g

  5. Karen Karen says:

    Although the first installment of the PLAYAS series was excellent, I found the 2nd installment to be even better I was secretly rooting for Lance and he did not disappointBRAVOan excellent, powerful, and profound story...

  6. Tatiana Alexander Tatiana Alexander says:

    If your down about love filled relationships this book will make you really wanted to get up on them This book take you on ride from the start to finish It will make u laugh,cry,mad,happy,and sad all the same paragraph Read this book

  7. Chelsea Chelsea says:

    Great, great, great The second book of the Playa series, is definitely my favorite so far I love the fact that both Lance and Carrie were able to find love and themselves I definitely recommend this one.

  8. Cheryl Cheryl says:

    It s Brenda Jackson Need I say

  9. Renelle Renelle says:

    This book was very good I recommend anything that Brenda Jackson has written she is one of my favorite authors

  10. Nicole Nicole says:

    I loved every minute of itIt s a must read if you want a juicy book to read before going to bedbut I must warn you guys you won t get any sleep once you started reading this book

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