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Player One: What Is to Become of Us PDF/EPUB ☆ International bestselling author Douglas Coupland delivers a real time, five hour story set in an airport cocktail lounge during a global disaster Five disparate people are trapped inside Karen, a single mother waiting for her online date Rick, the down on his luck airport lounge bartender Luke, a pastor on the run Rachel, a cool Hitchcock blonde incapable of true human contact and finally a mysterious voice known as Player One Slowly, each reveals the truth about themselves while the world as they know it comes to an endIn the tradition of Kurt Vonnegut and J G Ballard, Coupland explores the modern crises of time, human identity, society, religion, and the afterlife The book asks as many questions as it answers, and readers will leave the story with no doubt that we are in a new phase of existence as a species and that there is no turning back

10 thoughts on “Player One: What Is to Become of Us (CBC Massey Lectures)

  1. Mon Mon says:

    It s hard to write about any of Coupland s novel because they are muchthan mere plots and characters smudged together This hits its peak in Player One, possibly the clearest manifestation of Couplandism where do we go after Postmodernism When was Generation X published Let s Google that 1991 Will the future generation remember a time when information requ

  2. Daniel Daniel says:

    If this book had decided to just go ahead and be a novel, it would ve been great If it had decided to just go ahead and be a series of essays on existentialism and the transformations and implications of humanity and society, it probably would ve been great, too Instead, it tries to be both, and only gets halfway with either.The book is at first about five

  3. Jason Jason says:

    Just another terrific read This is ultimately an exploration on some of the bigger, philosophical questions on life what is this concept of time What happens before we re born and after we die And so on And Coupland does this with his innate lyrical language, and his trademark wit The premise of the story is Five people, all of whom end up in a Toronto Pear

  4. David S. David S. says:

    There is something disturbing about writers as intelligent as Douglas Coupland Underneath the brilliant psychological dialogue, the haunting charismatic cast of underachievers, and the creative plot that is impossible to predict, lies writing that is so fresh and honest that it is scary truthful Player One is that book, depicting the tale of five characters

  5. Patrick Patrick says:

    One star for the shot One star for the appendix One star for Coupland s ability to glorify the sadness of humanity One star for God s opinion on evolution One star for sentences like, personality is a slot machine, and the cherries, lemons, and bells are your SSRI system, your schizophrenic tendency, your left right brain lobalization, your anxiety proclivity

  6. Kara Babcock Kara Babcock says:

    Recently I stole the soapbox in another person s review of Shampoo Planet to pontificate about my personal reader s theory of Douglas Coupland JPod was the first Coupland novel I read, and it is also my favourite We all react to Coupland differently i.e., JPod is my favourite, but some of my friends hate JPod with a passion and love Girlfriend in a Coma or Ele

  7. Emma Sea Emma Sea says:

    I ve got mixed feelings about the book Neither female character read as completely believable to me, and yet they were both far better realized than the men, who were mere sketches.Here s partly why Our MC is in an airplaneKaren s a little too warm, so she undoes two buttons at the top of her dress, hoping that if anyone sees her they won t take this as a sign

  8. René René says:

    I read this book in French, which is dumb because it was written in English originally, but I found it in a bookstore and couldn t resist, so here we are A lot of terms had me shaking my head in confusion, before realizing that the terms had no translation New words don t spread virally in French culture like they do in English language cultures around the globe

  9. Jean Jean says:

    Too bad books don t get remakes like films sometimes do This book deserves one The ideas, questions and characters in this novel are remarkable, confrontational and thought provoking and the book is sprinkled with wit and good to know facts Did you know that for every living person, there are only 19 dead people But this book is like the Singapore sling Karen is

  10. Rayroy Rayroy says:

    It s kind of strange that I read Player One in two days before the ten year anniversary of 9 11 Player One has many parts that I found great and moving, parts similar to other books by Coupland I have read This time around it all clicked with me and I was taken back and moved I seem to feel a little less alone when I read a Douglas Coupland novel and have a better

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