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Paperback  õ Ralph's Party Kindle Ü Meet the residents ofAlmanac Road in a romantic, engrossing novel that takes you up the garden path, through the front door and into the most intimate parts of other people s livesRalph and Smith are best friends Until they fall for Jemima, their new flatmate Jem knows one of them s the man for her but which one Karl and Siobhan live in the flat above Happily unmarried for fifteen years, it looks as if nothing can spoil their domestic idyllExcept maybe Cheri, the femme fatale in the top flat She s got her eye on Karl and she isn t about to let his fat girlfriend stand in the waySooner or later it s all got to come to a head and what better place for tears and laughter, break ups and make ups than Ralph s party

10 thoughts on “Ralph's Party

  1. Sandy *The world could end while I was reading and I would never notice* Sandy *The world could end while I was reading and I would never notice* says:

    EXCERPT Ralph barely noticed Jem the first time he saw her He was arguing with his girlfriend, Claudia, sitting at his desk, cradling the phone under his chin as he carelessly pulled elastic bands into tight ligatures around his wrists in an apparently subconscious atte

  2. Magdalena Magdalena says:

    What was I thinking Aaagh I should have read the signs Warning Sign no 1 the price dropped from about two pounds to about one.Warning Sign no 2 the chick lit label on the cover.But instead I decided to trust the facts.Fact In My Defence no 1 the price dropped from about two

  3. Kat Kat says:

    Lisa Jewell is a really good writer and I was surprised when I realised I hadn t read her first book, the cover is simple but perfect for the story behind it Jem is the centre of attention in this book and I love that as she s such a lovely character she s someone you want as a f

  4. Zippy Zippy says:

    I was amazed, I really enjoyed this book I am not a lover of chicklit at all but becuase of illness that means my attention span is small, memory terrible and anything that requires the least effort or thinking on my part, is just pointless for me to read becuase I completely lose tra

  5. Sati Marie Frost Sati Marie Frost says:

    I really don t have much to say about this book, which is probably a good thing, because if I did it wouldn t be positive.Jem was insipid, dull and had terrible taste in men.Ralph had boundary issues that bordered on obsessive stalking.Smith started out reasonable, and then turned into not

  6. Lola Lola says:

    This was Lisa Jewell s debut novel and, thankfully, not my first introduction to the enormously talented Jewell Her other books that I ve read so far are intricate, well paced, and absorbing, with well developed characters And then there s this book profanity laced, full of way too many coincid

  7. Richard Smith Richard Smith says:

    I made a bad mistake in buying prompted byand staring to read this book.I d finished the first part of Parade s End, a wonderful but sometimes demanding read, and I thought that I d quickly read this contemporary novel set in South London, where I live But I ve given up after reading 10% It s shallo

  8. Jane Withers Jane Withers says:

    OMG OMG these characters are REVOLTING PEOPLE the lot of them I d like to have them all written into a serial killer book and have them all done away with by chapter 2 There isn t one I d save not even the simpering twit Jen.

  9. Pia Stone Pia Stone says:

    LOVE THIS BOOK It s funny, it s such an easy read and so quirky Loved the characters, I found them delightful and so true to real life refreshing.

  10. Sarah Elizabeth Sarah Elizabeth says:

    This was okay, but it seemed to take a hell of a long time to get through I liked Ralph, Smith was a complete arse, and Jem was nice I was wondering for 80% of the book when the party was going to happen though as it happened so late

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