Reflections on a Russian Soul, a Memoir PDF ´ a

Reflections on a Russian Soul, a Memoir PDF ´ a This compelling and often traumatic book is the memoir of one of the most important figures in modern Russian history Is is an incredible account of of an intellectual s turbulent journey through th Century Russia Likhachev recounts the fortunes of people with whom he came into contact and produces the air of passed years in Russia

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    Memoir is the key word This is a set of reminiscences of a Russian literary scholar from St Petersburg Leningrad , Dmitry Likhachov, who lived from 1906 to 1999.Arrested for no good reason the overwhelming norm , Likhachov experienced months in prison and several years in a Soviet labor camp on the White Sea where Stalin had decided in 1931 to build in a hurry, with forced manual camp labor, a canal from the Wh

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