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[BOOKS] ⚡ Someone Else's Secret ✯ Julia Spiro – Tamekatrine.info Here S The Thing About Secrets They Change Shape Over Time, Become Blurry With Memory, Until The Truth Is Nearly Lost Lindsey And Georgie Have High Hopes For Their Summer On Martha S Vineyard In The Wake Of The Recession, Ambitious College Graduate Lindsey Accepts A Job As A Nanny For An Influential Family Who May Help Her Land A Position In Boston S Exclusive Art World Georgie, The Eldest Child In That Family, Is Nearly Fifteen And Eager To Find Herself, Dreaming Of Independence And Yearning For First LoveOver The Course Of That Formative Summer, The Two Young Women Develop A Close Bond Then, One Night By The Lighthouse, A Shocking Act Occurs That Ensnares Them Both In The Throes Of A Terrible Secret Their Budding Friendship Is Shattered, And Neither One Can Speak Of What Happened That Night For Ten Long YearsUntil Now Lindsey And Georgie Must Confront The Past After All This Time Their Quest For Justice Will Require Costly Sacrifices, But It Also Might Give Them The Closure They Need To Move On All They Know For Sure Is That When The Truth Is Revealed, Their Lives Will Be Forever Changed Once AgainFrom A Fresh Voice In Fiction, This Poignant And Timely Novel Explores The Strength And Nuance Of Female Friendship, The Cost Of Ambition, And The Courage It Takes To Speak The Truth

10 thoughts on “Someone Else's Secret

  1. Sarah Sarah says:

    For my full review, visit me at female protagonists in this story are excruciating they are desperate for acceptance from their peers and they cannot shake this emotion even as young adults It was painful to watch develop, coupled with the fact that the majority of male characters are portrayed as predators The author makes it obvious where the story is headed and, in the end, I fo

  2. Pauline Pauline says:

    When Lindsey finishes college she gets a summer job as a nanny for a wealthy family with two children Their daughter Georgie is a fourteen year old with a rebellious nature and wants a summer job of her own.One evening when Lindsey and Georgie are out at the lighthouse an incident happens that changes their lives forever.Thank you to NetGalley and Lake Union Publishing for my e copy in exc

  3. Margaret Bell Margaret Bell says:

    I found the characters shallow and it was extremely hard to like or care about any of them The book plods alongs for 200 pages, hits the important part and just ends very quickly like the author had to wrap it all up neatly.

  4. Karen Karen says:

    SOMEONE ELSE S SECRETBY JULIA SPIROI have recently been in a terrible reading slump and am thrilled to say that this phenomenal book gave me a reprieve and I can t recommend this one highly enough If I could give it 100 stars I would Both the plot and characterizations were absolutely fantastic There is so much I want to say about this tale and how it affected me but I don t want to give away spoilers Thi

  5. Cid Cid says:

    There is no shortage of pitfalls, when it comes to being young and female this author nails it.SOMEONE ELSES SECRET was not like anything else I have read My feelings upon finishing the book are not so much conflicted, as polarized What I liked about the book, I REALLY liked What I didn t like, was serious enough, to dock it down to three stars I ll start with the good, but first, a warning if you are bothered by

  6. Neda Neda says:

    This novel pisses me off Both in the way the author meant for the reader to be pissed off, and in ways she did not But first, let me say This book is good Damn good, even Well worth the read, and a stellar debut In fact, probably the best I have read yet The whole thing was so deliciously, yet painfully slow burn I dreaded continuing, but I could not stop myself Beautiful torture The pain the characters endured The tangl

  7. Lynda Kelly Lynda Kelly says:

    I got as far as 40% in but then packed it in The big event hadn t occurred by then and I was getting bored with it By the time I gave in we d pretty much only learned which blokes the girls fancied and it all came across aslike a YA story than for someone my age, in her 50s.Somebody reviewing this described it as suspenseful and dishy which I find an odd word to use and a couple of times she referred to on island and not on the

  8. Andrew Galley Andrew Galley says:

    Of all myFirst Reads options this month, this book appealed to me because of the themes it promised, and what was sold to me as an examination of why those who experience horrifying events often choose to hide it instead of try to get the world to confront it What I got was a not particularly good book that felt written to be akin to 90210 or The OC and wasn t particularly good at tackling the themes it proclaimed in its blurb It probab

  9. Becca Becca says:

    I loved this book and it was a perfect distraction from everything that is going on in the world The characters are really believable, and I felt I could relate to many of them Each chapter hooks you in, and I literally couldn t stop reading I think I finished the book in just a few days, and when I turned the last page, I wanted to start all over again The story is packed with so many intricate themes, and it will be perfect for my book club

  10. Molly Molly says:

    The only thing that I feel I can say is that this book left me wantingI went into reading it thinking it was going to be a quick beach read, when in actuality it is so muchthan that While it still has that quick pace and catchy writing that keeps you engaged, it is an ideal story with characters that span multiple age groups from the overwhelming angst of a teenager to the complex emotional lives of adults It s an incredibly thoughtful and intelligent

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