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Ebook  Ù Soul Taken PDF/EPUB Ü After life just got a lot complicated Maggie is a Soul Collector It s her job to transport souls from the Living Realm to the After but during a mission to New England to find a stolen soul, she ends up stuck in a teen mean girl s body Trapped, Maggie s soul is catapulted into Ally s life and the human world she hasn t experienced for one hundred yearsBut, as a descendant of the most powerful beings in the After, Maggie must rescue Ally before the girl s soul dies To survive, Maggie must uncover devastating secrets because with one soul taken by a terrifying enemy, Maggie s could be next The Life After seriesSoul Taken Soul Possessed Soul Betrayed

10 thoughts on “Soul Taken

  1. Keeleigh Keeleigh says:

    2.5 stars This was so boring that I think I fell asleep with my eyes open whilst reading it The writing wasn t terrible I guess, nothing really jumped out as being especially good The world building was pretty damn weakon that in a minute and I wasn t sure if the main character was meant to be deliberately unlikeable or if it

  2. Donna Donna says:

    SOUL TAKEN was an interesting story but I wasn t floored by it It was entertaining enough to get through, but it s one of those books that doesn t really leave a mark It s just kind of so so.Maggie ends up stuck between a rock and a hard place when she gets sucked into the body of Ally while Ally s soul piece is stolen The notion

  3. Sophia (Bookwyrming Thoughts) Sophia (Bookwyrming Thoughts) says:

    I received this book for free from Author in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review. The first book in the Life After trilogy is apparently one of those books where the results or the sequels, per say could be either good or badThe concept is fantastic I particularly lo

  4. Allison Kacmar Allison Kacmar says:

    Soul Taken, the debut of YA author Katlyn Duncan I am 28 but read many YA books I have found that some YA authors write only for teens While other authors, like Katlyn Duncan, write for a broader audience Katlyn has taken great care in developing her characters You get a feel for their personalities quickly without them being predictab

  5. Nicky Peacock Nicky Peacock says:

    One of the biggest joys of YA fiction is that the market is wide and the readers ravenous and Soul Taken is a tasty morsel indeed It not only gives us an interesting new concept of Reapers and the business of soul recycling, but also a believable and uncomplicated world to visit It was an easy read from start to finish and invites you int

  6. Fiona Wilson Fiona Wilson says:

    Maggie is a soul collector who has certain ways of gaining the souls she is sent to find She has been looking for a promotion, however, to the Guards but has been passed over for someone she tried to train On the same day she finds this out she is sent on a special mission to search for a special soul In the process Maggie finds herself thru

  7. Precy Larkins Precy Larkins says:

    I sat down to read SOUL TAKEN while waiting for the baby to fall asleep and didn t get up until I finished the book two hours later It was interesting, and the world definitely intrigued me I have to say I truly enjoyed this quick read.

  8. Dark Faerie Tales Dark Faerie Tales says:

    Review courtesy of Dark Faerie Tales.Quick Dirty This was a unique story filled with great characters, an engaging plot, and sweet romance I would highly recommend this book to anyone that likes fun clean paranormal books.Opening Sentence Is it ready now Dylan asked for the tenth time in twenty minutes.The Review Bridget s Thoughts Maggie has been

  9. Maghon Thomas Maghon Thomas says:

    I love when I find something good So, the other day, I was browsing NetGalley, because I do that sometimes when I have time not like I don t have 55,000 to be read books LOL but I saw this one and requested it And then on the day I got accepted for a copy, I also got the invite for the blog tour I took it as a sign And I LOVED IT It s such an interes

  10. Jessica Bierschied Jessica Bierschied says:

    SOUL TAKEN, by Katlyn Duncan is her debut novel full ofpretty bad ass angels with different kinds of jobs that create abelievable world of paranormal Soul Taken takes a completely new approach to angels and life after death for all different kinds of people A book filled with twists and turns and a plot that keeps you turning the digital pages faster th

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