Sunshine Has Rain Epub Á Sunshine Has PDF/EPUB or

Sunshine Has Rain  Epub Á Sunshine Has  PDF/EPUB or Her beauty, the accomplishments and Channa s wits are her tools for persuasion Channa Ren e Jones has it all Standing at 5 feet 8 inches tall, she s every man s fantasy and every woman s secret envy Channa, the only Black executive at Morgan Pharmaceuticals makes over 100,000 dollars and relies on materialism to make her happy Channa the female baller attracts the most sought after brothers in New York First, we have Kevin Dean Walker, head of operations for the New York Knicks Kevin is 100 percent milk chocolate, big hands, big feet andwell, he s big in all the right places Then there s Jarell, the Creole brother born into money and the CEO of the largest and oldest Black owned insurance company on Wall Street Her girls are September, Deja, Pam and Nykasha They too like the finer things in life Channa s girlfriends share good times with the finest of drinks Louie the 13th shots They party with Hip Hop money makers at night and shop at Nieman Marcus by day Channa is living the life But in a flash, the life that Channa s becomes accustomed to is taken away Her strength is tested and her faith is challenged as she watches helplessly when her world quickly crumbles Her degree from Howard does not help, her MBA from Columbia is merely a name, and her beauty is forgotten She is lost Will Channa, the self absorbed diva make it Will she be able to regain her life, as she once knew it Will Channa recall the most powerful tool of them all, or has she forgotten Only the test and time will tell Lets hope Channa makes it

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