The Assassination of Federico Garcia Lorca eBook Å

The Assassination of Federico Garcia Lorca eBook Å At dawn on the th of AugustSpaniards murdered the man who most profoundly embodied the poetic spirit of their country Federico Garcia Lorca was the victim of the passions that arose in Spain as the Church, the military and the bourgeoisie embarked on their reckless and brutal repression of undesirables For Lorca was not a political man he embraced Spain from its struggling leftist movement to its most conservative traditions with a love that transcended politics His crime was his antipathy to pomposity, conformity and intolerance For years the Spanish government suppressed the truth about Lorca s death In this recreation of the assassination, Ian Gibson redresses the wrong Based on information only recently made available, this is an illumination not only of the death of a great poet, but of the atmosphere of Civil War Spain that allowed it to happen

10 thoughts on “The Assassination of Federico Garcia Lorca

  1. Cliff Cliff says:

    An in depth investigation into the murder of Spain s greatest poet by fascist militia, as well as a wider exploration of Franco era barbarism As we witness the return of Spanish fascism with Vox, the message o

  2. Laberintodepapel Laberintodepapel says:

    Llevaba varios a os esperando a leer una de las obras de Ian Gibson relacionadas con la vida de Garc a Lorca, uno de mis escritores favoritos En primer lugar, es necesario indicar que no se trata de un libro ad

  3. Rosalind Rosalind says:

    Having just visited Granada for the first time, I found this book fascinating It was written in the 1970s, the author having spoken to many witnesses of the horrific events of the Spanish civil war, in Granada I

  4. Ryan Kent Ryan Kent says:

    On my second reading of this book right now I got this as a Christmas gift from my Spanish girlfriend in December 2017 following a summer holiday to Granada that year To be honest, i hadn t heard of Federico Garc

  5. Noells Noells says:

    Lorca es, sin duda, la mejor persona que ha dado este pa s en toda su historia.

  6. El Segoviano El Segoviano says:

    A pesar del largo periodo de tiempo transcurrido, recuerdo este libro ademas por su contenido, que es harto conocido, porque en esa epoca, lo le en 1.982 hace 32 a os, el autor estaba bastante de moda y aparec a un

  7. Luisseff Luisseff says:

    Excelente ejercicio de investigaci n con informaci n actualizada sobre las circunstancias durante los primeras semanas de la Guerra Civil, como afect este clima de guerra a la vida de Federico Garc a Lorca, su ejecu

  8. Julio Julio says:

    Me ha gustado mucho la manera de afrontar este asunto del autor, con una documentaci n bastante trabajada Sobran algunas opiniones personales, y he encontrado algunos fallos en datos, fechas y lugares Asimismo, la ti

  9. Mira Mira says:

    Every page of this book I shiver at least twice More about the events that took place in Granada during the lead up to fascist rule than about the poet, it is sickening to read of the catholic fervour and nationalist

  10. Jerry Delaney Jerry Delaney says:

    VERY detailed account

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