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The Boss's Demand Epub ↠ The Boss's  PDF \ Powerful oil tycoon Elan Al Mansur neverwanted Sara Daly as his new assistant Herlush curves and alluring scent would onlyprove a distraction to what mattered most tohim business But one night in the desertElan gave in to his desires, seducing thewoman he d sworn never to touchFour months later, his secretary revealed shewas carrying his baby Suddenly the sternbusinessman discovered he didn t want Saragone at all But would she agree to her boss sdemand that she become his wife

10 thoughts on “The Boss's Demand

  1. Jacqueline J Jacqueline J says:

    2 1 2 stars An ordinary book that didn t quite jell for me The story seemed only on the surface Things seemed to happen in a rush in spite of the fact that the story took place over the course of 5 months I didn t really get the feel of a relationship developing.

  2. Cathiecaffey Cathiecaffey says:

    The Boss s Demand is an absorbing debut by Jennifer Lewis Written under the Silhouette Desire line with Harlequin in print and ebook, the author brings a powerful oil tycoon, Elan Al Mansur, to his knees as he unable to resist falling for his new assistant, Sara Daly When Elan notices his new assistant is not an mature worker, that is older woman, he wants to fire her s

  3. Kay Kay says:

    4 Stars This is my first book by Ms Lewis and it will not be my last Elan and Sara have sizzling chemistry that scorch the pages from the beginning to end This is Ms Lewis debut, bravo Sara moved to Nevada from her small town in Wisconsin hoping to find a the job to launch her career It s taken her longer to get her degree, as she s had to work full time while caring for

  4. Jennifer Brown Jennifer Brown says:

    In the midst of my mystery books I ve been reading, I needed a cheesy romance book what I call the Harlequin Silhouette type books even though I secretly love them This filled that void perfectly Not sure why I picked up this certain book, but I m glad I did.

  5. Roberta Curmi Roberta Curmi says:

    3.75 Stars

  6. Kel Kel says:

    Actually rather sweet and better writing than I expected saved it from complete drivel Read while deployed.

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