The Family They Chose ePUB ½ The Family PDF/EPUB or

The Family They Chose ePUB ½ The Family  PDF/EPUB or I enjoyed this and it was a quick read I did think the ending was rather abrupt, but that could just be because it is part of a series This is one of my auto read authors. OkayAnd alright story.A little too unbelievable for me.Just couldn t get into this one.Had too many twists and turns for me. It was ok Author skimmed over infertility and autism Raised consciousness somewhat. All Olivia Armstrong ever wanted was to be a wife and mother Her storybook marriage to Jamison Mallory gave her the love and happiness she cravedeverything except the one thing that could make them a true familyHer family s fertility institute was her last hope for the miracle that could reunite her with her husband and give them the baby they both wantedJamison knew how badly Olivia wanted a child He did, too But he wanted and loved his wife even Somehow he had to help them find their way back to each other And just maybe they d also find a way to make their most cherished dream come true

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