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The Garden of Eden PDF ✓ The Garden  ePUB ´ Iris, a farmer s wife living comfortably near the small town of Chinook, finds her life suddenly out of control Jolted out of her complacency by death, grieving for lost love, guilty over an aging mother, she sets out on a quest for self understanding If only she can find her niece Lannie, whom she once raised, perhaps she will be able to understand her troubling dreams, the mysterious ache in her heart But does Lannie want to be found Or is Iris the one who is really lost The Garden of Eden is brilliantly imagined novel of family disintegration and renewal written in the simple but powerful style that so endears her to her readers Grounded in the prairie landscape that Butala has made very much her own, it is at the same time a universal story interweaving history, myth, dream, and vision It explores with passion and insight the inextricable relationship between the land on which people live and their secret inner landscapesSharon Butala s clear eyed rendering of the lives of ordinary people, her profound respect for what the land can teach, and her remarkable ability to capture the inner life, make The Garden of Eden a novel of great richness and compassion The Garden of Eden is a sequel to her first novel Country of the Heart published in

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  1. Lori Bamber Lori Bamber says:

    I wish I could give this book 10 stars I just loved it, for many reasons personal and general If it is true that each of our hearts speak a unique, precise dialect, then Sharon Butala s and my own are the same In this book, she takes on myriad

  2. Gail Amendt Gail Amendt says:

    A brief summary of this book recently widowed fifty something Saskatchewan farm woman travels to Africa in search of her estranged niece and discovers the meaning of life Described this way it sounds like it could possibly be a good read, but it

  3. Carly Svamvour Carly Svamvour says:

    I started Sharon Butala s books in the mid nineties Going by what Celestine Prophesies had to say, I was prepared to pick up whatever stones showed up on my path, turn them over and see what they had for me.If a book falls from the shelf, landing at

  4. Marsha Marsha says:


  5. Elaine Robinson LaBar Elaine Robinson LaBar says:

    This author is from Saskatoon Sask I liked this book even though it had an unusual story, for me anyway.

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