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The Ghostfaces PDF/EPUB Ü Hardcover From John Flanagan, author of the worldwide bestselling Ranger s Apprentice, comes a brand new chapter in the adventures of young Skandians who form a different kind of family a brotherbandWhen the Brotherband crew are caught in a massive storm at sea, they re blown far off course and wash up on the shores of a land so far west that Hal can t recognize it from any of his maps Eerily, the locals are nowhere in sight, yet the Herons have a creeping feeling they are being watched Suddenly the silence is broken when a massive, marauding bear appears, advancing on two children The crew springs into action and rescues the children from the bear s clutches, which earns them the gratitude and friendship of the local Mawagansett tribe, who finally reveal themselves But the peace is short lived The Ghostfaces, a ruthless, warlike tribe who shave their heads and paint their faces white, are on the warpath once It s been ten years since they raided the Mawagansett village, but they re coming back to pillage and reap destruction As the enemy approaches, the Herons gear up to help their new friends repel an invasion In this sixth book in the action packed Brotherband Chronicles, the Herons find themselves in unfamiliar lands and prepare for battle with a ruthless, unknown enemy

10 thoughts on “The Ghostfaces

  1. Kyle Kyle says:

    OMG I love this series Hal and his brotherband crew are forced to flee from a huge storm They are blown for weeks into the endless sea with water in short supply, they begin to fear they might be blown off the edge of the world Then when it seems all hope is lost, they see land.First off, I love

  2. Leigh Leigh says:

    This was very different to the others in the Brotherband series and I believed addeddepth to the characters and to the story as a whole Its like the series grew up The story itself was meaningful, engaging and full of adventure, hitting a new element every chapter or so Entertaining and meaningful in

  3. Kathleen Kathleen says:

    3.75 stars Good story, but too many chapters on the storm And what happened to the dog She almost disappeared from the narrative after the bear scene Then she showed up again once or twice Then nothing Did she die This is Book 6 featuring the Skandian Scandinavian Brotherband of eight young men, plus Lyd

  4. Erudessa Aranduriel Erudessa Aranduriel says:

    A very good storybut he killed someone I liked again pouts

  5. Emily Emily says:

    This book was beautiful It was super emotional I cried and it really showed the depth and strength of the friendship between the whole Brotherband I loved every moment.

  6. Ojo Ojo says:

    John Flanagan does not fail to thrill in this latest instalment of the Brotherband Chronicles Fresh from their latest adventure, the Heron Brotherband is thrown into an eventhrilling adventure Lost in a freak storm, they are driven far over the Endless Sea to a land now too dissimilar to the New World They make new

  7. Misty Misty says:

    4.5 STARS.Only because of the Stig storyline I was so upset with that It was beautiful and heartbreaking But, I still love this series and all of the Brotherband boys The Brotherband are always lending a hand to anyone that needs it Their enemies always underestimate them and I love how they always come out on top This

  8. Jemma Jemma says:

    I am actually a bit tired of this series and I only picked this book up because it was a free audio book If you re enjoying the series then my review is probably invalid to you anyway My recommendation is just to not get the audio version, the narrator is rather irritating.The good side Edvin was a farinteresting and develo

  9. Kevin Topolovec Kevin Topolovec says:

    This time John Flanagan found a brand new race of people to not so subtly put a parallel version of into his fantasy world.

  10. Mark Buxton Mark Buxton says:

    My name is Stig, and I am first mate aboard the Heron I don t know how we survived weeks in that massive storm on the Endless Ocean, but Hal s smartness always amazes me The land we ve found has plenty of food and shelter, so we ll wait until the winds change before trying to find our way back to Skandia Lydia and Thorn found claw

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