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The Gorgeous Girls MOBI Î The Gorgeous  PDF \ Three strong, beautiful women dish on their romantic and sexual exploits in Toronto, New York and ParisErotica for the thinking woman, this well written and sexy novel is driven by three gorgeous women on the prowl Rose, Con, and Wanda, all disciples of the legendary Dorothy Parker, meet regularly for drinks to dish on their romantic and sexual exploits From Toronto to Vancouver to Paris, these three strong, beautiful women are out to explore as many sexual possibilities as they can while also finding l amour Featuring shoes, martinis, clothes, champagne, and of course sex, The Gorgeous Girls is a smart, playful and delicious sexual extravaganza that delivers non stop thrills and a great deal of fun

10 thoughts on “The Gorgeous Girls

  1. Clara Bloom Clara Bloom says:

    I don t usually review books, I just read them But I have to tell the world this book is fabulous I did the Fifty Shades thing all 3 and I get why that was popular, but actually I found them kind of lame and sort of skimmed through parts But this Marie Wilson knows how to write Where did she come from The Gorgeous Girls is not a sappy romance with a litt

  2. Aaron Aaron says:

    Three weeks after the e book launches, The Gorgeous Girls remains at 1 Top Book and Marie Wilson is 1 Top Author on HarperCollins Canada s Most Popular Pages There s a reason for that It s billed as erotica for the thinking woman and it is By the way, aren tmen like me sneaking a peek at this sexy stuff There is plenty of intense sex action, but it is a sati

  3. Lorry-ann Austin Lorry-ann Austin says:

    This novel has been described as the thinking woman s erotica and this is what initially drove me to pick it up While I would generally agree with that statement, this book just wasn t for me I must admit a bias here in that I think this entire genre is perhaps irrelevant to me as I prefer books with deeper meaning and insight When I was in my 20s, I enjoyed A.N

  4. Janice Israeloff Janice Israeloff says:

    Okay, so I read this book twice cause it s so amazing I have read other erotic books and this one isn t just hot and sexy which it totally is it s fresh and witty and funny and smart Its filled with wonderful strong women who you will recognize Marie Wilson can really write No fifty shades of crap here people Wilson is the real deal Now you can t get it in a hard co

  5. Janet Janet says:

    The insight Marie Wilson has about love and sex, humour, friendship, magic and intuition will captivate you, as it did me, and take you to a unique place, full of colour and exquisite experience Wilson s beautiful, skilled writing draws you in, as only writing which echoes truth can do Its rare to find a book that combines humour with serious life issues I actually laug

  6. Catharine Amato Catharine Amato says:

    Not finished reading yet, but can already see this is a humorous, sexy, well written one would expect from the pen of the talented author Marie Wilson.

  7. Anna May Anna May says:

    I loved it Sexy, fun, wild and yet still manages to delve into our deeper selves and desires I love love love all of the Dorothy Parker insights.

  8. Terri Terri says:

    loved the book extremely well written the imagery and descriptive writing kept my interest from start to finish I hope to readfrom Marie Wilson

  9. Tee loves Kyle Jacobson Tee loves Kyle Jacobson says:

    Okay so can I just say WOW HOLY EFFING WOW Okay rant over but for real this book left me breathless Three women telling their story of romance, sex and trying to find that right person I have to say that I absolutely loved this story I love erotica but I love the fact that Marie was brave enough to write a book about women and what we really think and what we really do Yes there are lo

  10. Cindy Watson Cindy Watson says:

    Wonderful original hot sexy writing Three real women with realistic life problems, dreams, adventures and lustful conquests Crisp and energetic with strong characters No fairytale plot here You won t have read another book like this one So treat yourself Read this one.

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