The Greek's Bridal Purchase MOBI é The Greek's

The Greek's Bridal Purchase MOBI é The Greek's Miranda Weston is recovering from theinjuries that have ended her career, so she sstunned when Greek billionaire Theo Savakispursues her What can one of the world s mostpowerful and eligible men want with her Theo needs a wife fast or he ll forfeit hisinheritance, and lovely but broken Miranda isthe perfect choice But Theo hasn t countedon the passion that flares between themoron Miranda learning the truth about how heset out to buy her for marriage

10 thoughts on “The Greek's Bridal Purchase

  1. Vintage Vintage says:

    This was just boring I hate to say things like that about someone s writing, but so much did not make sense and this is a Harlequin None of them make sense, but this book sets the bar.The h, can t remember her name, is a world class violnist escaping from her family as she can no longer play The H has been blackmailed by his ratty grandfather to

  2. Caro Caro says:

    El hecho de que ella estuviera incapacitada de un brazo me atrajo mucho Pero la autora no logr engancharme y ni siquiera pude terminarlo.

  3. Helen Moulden Helen Moulden says:

    Not as good a story as her twin sister s story but still quite good Another love at first sight for the groom of a Weston sister I was really surprised by the character who was originally chosen as his would be bride Plus the inclusion of a bit of Emily s the sister life after her marriage.

  4. ѕєяєηιтι ѕєяєηιтι says:

    Allah mm adam n i ses d nceleri be y ld zl kt da davran lar ve a z ndan kan c mleler bir y ld z bile etmezdi zemedim bu karma ay acayip sinir oldum neyse

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