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The Lawman's Nanny Op PDF/EPUB à The Lawman's  Epub / The kids at Portia Perez s day care center are everything to her She tried love once, but was badly bitten Then in walks Deputy Caleb Grayson Though Caleb hurt her once, she can t deny that seeing him still makes her ache for his touchCaleb s heart skips a beat when Portia enters the sheriff s office Suddenly, memories come rushing back Portia didn t trust him then Why should she now But someone s out to harm her and Caleb can t walk away Nor can he deny the claim she still has on his heart Will Portia s stalker extinguish any chance of a happy reunion between these old flames

10 thoughts on “The Lawman's Nanny Op

  1. RLA RLA says:

    The heroine Portia is very distressed when she finds slanderous posters about herself put up all over town, she has never done anything to hurt anyone Her upset is made worse when she goes to the police, where she is informed by Deputy Caleb, the hero, that there is nothing that can be done Caleb and Portia were once teenage sweethearts but their relationship had crumbled

  2. Mojca Mojca says:

    Someone is determined to ruin Portia Perez s lifeAnd if they manage to take it, even better But lucky for her she has her old flame, deputy sheriff Caleb Grayson, to watch her backBut who will watch both their hearts this time around Well, this was definitely better than His Case, Her Baby, if you ask me, but still nothing memorable.Though I liked the suspense part of the story

  3. Paige Paige says:

    After slanderous notes and a break in at her daycare, Deputy Caleb Grayson, must admit that high school girlfriend, Portia Perez has an angry enemy after her At the same time, he and his brothers Tom, Benjamin, and Jacob, are trying to find their missing sister, Brittany But when the enemy takes it a step further and endangers Portia s life, Caleb takes it upon himself to protect he

  4. Shannon Shannon says:

    One of those books that delivers on what it promises and is exactly what you expect it to be I was actually probably even a little pleasantly surprised that the book maintained a good element of suspense and didn t just feel like a typical romance novel with a weak story overlaying two characters It was easy to read and enjoyable The other thing I liked about this book was it wasn t one

  5. Jamie Michele Jamie Michele says:

    Mystery takes a backseat to small town reunion romance in this rather by the book example of a Silhouette Romantic Suspense.

  6. Cindy Cindy says:

    it was good not much to say but that was a good happy ending for Caleb wne Portia.

  7. Elizabeth Mckernan Elizabeth Mckernan says:

    Good addition to the series

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