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The Northern Tradition PDF ¾ The Northern  PDF/EPUB Written by an ex President of the Pagan Federation, who is also a follower of the Norse or Northern Tradition so he can be classed as a bit of an authority on the subject A good basic introduction to anyone interested in finding out about this particular Pagan path Dragonsphere Pete has clearly set out the basic principles of the Norse Tradition Wiccan Rede A compact, concise, very affordable book that I would have no hesitation in recommending Eastern SpiritA comprehensive introduction to the Northern Tradition, a vibrant , living current within the multitude of spiritual paths of Paganism It explains the Pagan religious beliefs of the Saxon and Norse peoples and their associated magic Through practical exercises the book teaches you about runes, Troth, folklore and rituals in addition to the history of this exciting and mysterious tradition and it s practise and relevance today Enhanced by illustrations by Jane Brideson of Dark Moon Designs

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  1. Viviane Viviane says:

    A nice introduction with a lot of reference material and ideas on how to build on what is included here It is very much the gateway, not the path The tone is approachable and welcoming.I don t feel I took as much content away from the chapters themselves, but am looking forward to delving into the books and resources mentioned throughout They seem very comprehensive For someone who has not encountered Heathenry before this would give some good waypoints and ideas.My favourite chapter is prob

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