The Other Mother PDF å The Other PDF/EPUB ²

The Other Mother  PDF å The Other  PDF/EPUB ² Hysterical, Important, Moving, Wonderful Sara PascoeI M Jen Brister, Stand Up Comedian, Middle Aged Adolescent And, Recently, A Mum But Not That Mum I M The Other One Confused Let S Back Up A Bit Two Years Ago, My Partner A Woman We Re Not Solicitors Gave Birth To Twins Yes Yes Already There S A Lot To Take In Here Gay Mums, Twins, Solicitors I Know Believe Me, I M Still Reeling Myself Like Every New Parent, I Had Absolutely No Clue What I Was Doing Add Gay And Non Biological To The Mix And What Do You Get Not A Weird Box Of Detergent, But A Panicked Beige Lesbian Desperately Googling, Will My Babies Love Me AtAmThis Is A Book For Any Parent Who Feels They Don T Fit The Mould Of A TraditionalFamily Stand Up Comedian Jen Brister Takes A Very Funny, Very Honest Look At Life As A Parent From IVF Awfulness To Crying Over The Pages Of Sleep Training Manuals As The Other Mother She Has The Perfect Vantage Point For Us To Laugh And Cry Alongside Her

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