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The Traitors Niche  PDF/EPUB ↠ The Traitors  eBook At The Heart Of The Ottoman Empire, In The Main Square Of Constantinople, A Niche Is Carved Into Ancient Stone Here, The Sultan Displays The Severed Heads Of His Adversaries People Flock To See The Latest Head And Gossip About The State Of The Empire The Province Of Albania Is Demanding Independence Again, And The Niche Awaits A New Trophy Tundj Hata, The Imperial Courier, Is Charged With Transporting Heads To The Capital A Task He Relishes And Performs With Fervour But As He Travels Through Obscure And Impoverished Territories, He Makes Money From Illicit Side Shows, Offering Villagers The Spectacle Of Death The Head Of The Rebellious Albanian Governor Would Fetch A Very High PriceThe Traitor S Niche Is A Surreal Tale Of Rebellion And Tyranny, In A Land Where Armies Carry Scarecrows, State Officials Ban Entire Languages, And The Act Of Forgetting Is Complicated Than Remembering

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  1. Jeffrey Keeten Jeffrey Keeten says:

    The head was establishing its rapport with the crowd Its glassy eyes sought human eyes Death hung in the air, transparently visible As the cold tightened its grip, the spectators felt drawn closer to the frontier of death, almost touching it In a few moments the crowd and death would congeal in a waxen, translucent unity Black Ali Pasha of Albania has decided at the age of 82 to rebel against the Sultan

  2. Paul Fulcher Paul Fulcher says:

    Just as they say that new heavenly bodies are fashioned from old cosmic dust, so the new world of Albania was to be formed from the dust of the old Ottoman universe, from that constellation of terrors and crimes, postprandial poisonings, night time assassinations, monks holding lanterns in the rain, dervishes with knives and messages hidden in their hair, from that profusion of rebellious pashas, bureaux

  3. Jane Jane says:

    Fascinating, mesmerizing surreal novel that held my interest every page The author has returned to the main theme of most of his oeuvre struggles of his native Albania against an oppressive power This time the novel is set in the post Napoleonic years and those of Greece for her independence 1820s In this case the novel is an allegory with the Ottoman Empire representing the brutal Albanian dictatorship of E

  4. Jill Jill says:

    I did not expect to really enjoy a book about a niche in a wall in Constantinople where the heads of traitors are put on display and carefully tended Also surprising is that this book was written 40 years ago, because it feels very current Unfortunately, powerful regimes stopping at nothing to silence those who rebel against them is still relevant The real strength of this book to me is that it is both meaning

  5. Neil Neil says:

    A story of two men and three heads Plus a few other things.One man looks after the heads after they have been put on display in the titular Traitor s Niche The other man collects the heads from wherever they were recently attached to their bodies and brings them to the city to be displayed.One head is of a man who failed in his mission One is of a man who rebelled against authority One is of a man who succeeded

  6. Calzean Calzean says:

    It s not often that the main characters in a novel consist of three heads.In this Kadare novel, he gives us early 1800s and yet another attempt of forming an independent Albanian nation The first Ottoman Vizier sent to put the Albanians in their place fails to do so and loses his head The second Vizier wins and sends his Albanian foe s head back to Constantinople But he becomes too popular and so his death is orde

  7. Andrew Andrew says:

    Ismail Kadare is a significant figure in European and literary fiction to the extent that he was tipped to receive the Nobel prize His biography according to the various on line sites I have looked at reflect a divergence of opinions where he is viewed as a writer of courage who exposed the repression of totalitarian regimes particularly that of his home country Albania and Enver Hoxha , but in contrast some see his

  8. Anya Anya says:

    The Traitor s Niche is about a special niche in an Ottoman city square reserved for the severed heads of those whom the State considers traitorous On any given day, tourists might find the head of a rebellious pasha or vizier on display.Throughout the narrative, Kadare introduces us to characters whose fates are intertwined with the niche the keeper of the niche who suffers from a certain complex the creepy, henna bea

  9. Londi Londi says:

    Dark, surreal, deconstructive.Kadare at his best.

  10. Lisa Lisa says:

    Ismail Kadare b.1936 is one of my favourite authors he writes stories about the use and abuse of power in allegorical form, setting his stories in an indefinite past so that they have a timeless significance The Traitor s Niche is an early work from his Ottoman Cycle first published in 1978, it was Kadare s eleventh novel but it has taken 40 years for it to be published in English Kadare is a prolific author and it is tak

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