The Tuesday Club: A Shorter Edition Of The History Of The

The Tuesday Club: A Shorter Edition Of The History Of The Irrelevant erudition, happy insult, and plain silliness In parts it is remarkably funny, and filled with wonderful lampooning and absurd event The crude illustrations, done with pen and wash, are full of jollity and life Times Literary SupplementWhen inDr Alexander Hamilton no relation to Washington s treasury secretary founded the Tuesday Club of Annapolis, he hoped to bring part of the culture of his native Edinburgh to this barbarous and desolate corner of the world For the next eleven years Hamilton scrupulously recorded the often tumultuous meetings of a club whose only sacrosanct bylaw was that no serious question could be given a serious answer The result was a voluminous account rich with colorful detail and brimming with good humor, literary parody, tongue in cheek cultural criticism, and pointed political satireFirst published inin a three volume edition that won widespread critical acclaim, this remarkable literary and cultural document is now available in an abridged paperback version that retains the wit, flavor, and charm of the original Students of early American history and literature as well as general readers interested in the period will now find accessible one of British America s true literary achievements, a work that brings the golden age of the colonial Chesapeake wonderfully to life Begin in the middle of the Book read backwards, then forwards skip about I think now then you will find something that will set you aroaring James Carroll, donating manuscript of Record of the Tuesday Club to a member of the Balti Library Company, May ,

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