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The Yellow Dog PDF/EPUB ¼ The Yellow  PDF/EPUB or The fifth book in the new Penguin Maigret series Georges Simenon s gripping tale of small town suspicion and revenge , in Linda Asher s timeless translationThere was an exaggerated humility about her Her cowed eyes, her way of gliding noiselessly about without bumping into things, of quivering nervously at the slight est word, were the very image of a scullery maid accustomed to hardship And yet he sensed, beneath that image, glints of pride held firmly in check She was anaemic Her flat chest was not formed to rouse desire Nevertheless, she was strangely appealing, perhaps because she seemed troubled, despondent, sicklyIn the windswept seaside town of Concarneau, a local wine merchant is shot In fact, someone is out to kill all the influential men and the entire town is soon sent into a state of panic For Maigret, the answers lie with the pale, downtrodden waitress Emma, and a strange yellow dog lurking in the shadows

10 thoughts on “The Yellow Dog

  1. Adrian Adrian says:

    And so my personal challenge to read all the Maigrets continues This is number 5 in the series despite what GR says and at my rationed rate of 1 a month otherwise I d probably binge read and maybe even get fed up with them , I have over 6 years to go, woo hoo This was as excellent as all the previous novels, this time marvellously translated by Linda Asher Maigret has just returned to Paris after setting up the

  2. Manny Manny says:

    Celebrity Death Match Special Le chien jaune versus SnoopyAwarding of match point delayed after Inspector Maigret reminds judges not to draw premature conclusions Celebrity Death Match Special Le chien jaune versus SnoopyAwarding of match point delayed after Inspector Maigret reminds judges not to draw premature conclusions

  3. Ivonne Rovira Ivonne Rovira says:

    Four hard drinking, lecherous friends all of them well to do meet most nights at the Admiral Hotel s caf in the backwater seaside town of Concarneau when they re not carousing On Friday, Nov 7, one of their number is wounded, shot in the stomach, on his way home from a night of drinking with these friends One by one each friend, is attacked always when a certain yellow dog is present or appears soon after until only

  4. Toby Toby says:

    There s a reason this one is considered a classic Maigret The early books in this series have been a little bit hit and miss in terms of real quality vs Simenon s famed speedy production but The Yellow Dog was reissued as part of the Penguin Red Classics series and is deserving of the accolade.Set in a sleepy seaside town Maigret is called in to solve the seemingly random shooting of a drunken major from a letterbox o

  5. Sharon Barrow Wilfong Sharon Barrow Wilfong says:

    I really like these Penguin editions of Simenon s mysteries That s just form, not substance, I understand, but some editions make the reading experiencepleasurable I don t know why.This mystery is one of Simenon s earlier works It was published in 1931 It s good to put that in context so you understand, when they talk about The War, they are talking about WWI.A man leaves a cafe It is very windy and he cannot light his

  6. Thomas Thomas says:

    Very enjoyable, I am loving these books so far I think this one is my second favourite of the ones I have read up to now.

  7. Nancy Oakes Nancy Oakes says:

    Well that was fun, and the ending completely unexpected as I keep saying,on this book shortly.

  8. John John says:

    Another great Maigret tinged with the mysterious yellow dog appearing when a crime occurs Set in a French seaside town A man leaves a cafe late in the evening on a rainy windy night and stops in a doorway and is shot in the stomach Who shot him and why Maigret is called in and while talking the friends of the victim a doctor notices their drinks are doctored which turns out to be strychnine Another of the friends disappear wi

  9. Jenny Jenny says:

    SoI wrote this whole review in French and was very happy because it was my first review all in French, but my computer is being so annoying, and the entire review got deleted I copy as I go with my reviews, so if that happens, I can just paste it back in, but this time, I was copying and pasting into Google Translate to make sure my review was saying what I wanted it to say, so when I lost my review, I was only left with the la

  10. Kathy Kathy says:

    Not my favorite of the Maigret books I have read to date Maigret does seem removed and totally unconcerned as a town becomes hysterical with fear as to who will be the next victim as newspapermen churn articles about the poisoning attempts, shootings and the giant roaming the streets Yeahput that in your pipe and smoke it, which he does But thenhe is marking time as he gathers information and observes, piecing the true story toge

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